5 Things Every Classroom Should Have

April 22, 2021

Getting new classroom supplies at the beginning of the school year should enhance lessons and make students excited about learning. You probably have a few go-to supplies that you restock every year, such as binders, folders, notebooks, pencils and pens. Still, there are a variety of modern classroom must-haves to increase student engagement.

1. Smartboard

With their power to bring lessons to life, smartboards are a necessity in many modern classrooms. They provide a unique experience for any topic through interactive features such as touch-screen capabilities and digital markers. Smartboards also contain a built-in projector, so you can easily show videos for everyone in the class to view.

2. Digital Textbooks

Textbooks have always been a staple for any class, and newer, digitalized versions can be even more beneficial to students. In addition to lightening the load in students’ backpacks, they can also make notetaking easier, as students can add their own comments and observations easily in an online format while reducing the expense of investing in physical textbooks.

3. Document Camera

Document cameras are versatile, as they provide a visual aid to any lesson. These cameras are easy to operate and can be hooked up to any computer with just a USB cable. You can also use this modern technology to project correct answers, maps, worksheets or show-and-tell items for primary students.

4. Buzzer System

If you’re looking for a fun, innovative way to keep your students engaged throughout a lesson, buzzer systems can make the school day even more exciting. These buttons can transform your classroom into a game and test students’ knowledge. You can tailor the buzzers to your specific needs, allowing students to use them individually or in groups.

5. Laptop Charging Station

Laptop charging stations are a classroom must-have at just about every grade level. Using an effective charging station can be a convenient way for every student to benefit from technology, and with an organized and accessible storage center, your students can use the classroom laptops with ease.

Reach out to PowerGistics for Superior Laptop Charging Stations

At PowerGistics, we make it a priority to create streamlined designs for all our educational charging stations. We integrate versatility into everything we do, so in addition to effective laptop charging, our charging towers will also:

  • Manage cords: Our enhanced cord management means teachers won’t have to untangle or manage laptop cables.
  • Prevent the spread of germs: With our optional antimicrobial coating, our towers will slow and kill any bacteria or viruses.
  • Charge multiple devices: Our vertical charging stations can charge a range of devices such as Chromebooks, tablets and laptops.
  • Save classroom space: Because our Tower designs are vertical, they can be stored in any area of the classroom. They can also be wall-mounted, mobile or stationary.

Our towers streamline organization, making it easier for teachers to take inventory and saving the IT department time by minimizing the need to rewire computers or fix damaged cables. To incorporate a PowerGistics Tower into your classroom, reach out for a quote to get started, or request an audit for your school today to learn how much you could save!

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