5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Workplace Productivity

October 11, 2021

Employee productivity is everything. Business owners go to great lengths to keep workers motivated and accountable, and this involves using the right technology during the 40-hour workweek.

Companies that use technology to increase productivity can improve employee relationships and streamline daily processes. Check out the following tips to ensure your team’s productivity levels stay at an all-time high:

1. Utilize Group Chat Applications

It’s important that your workers stay in the loop. While email is convenient, high-priority messages can sometimes get lost or end up in the spam folder. For more streamlined responses, you can find a plethora of free applications online to enhance communication between departments. With platforms like Slack, immediate questions are answered quickly, and users can see whether someone read their message to stay on top of who has what information.

2. Oversee Projects

Project management software is convenient for in-office and remote teams. How can this technology be used to improve and develop work? Managers can delegate tasks for large projects by assigning responsibilities to specific employees.

Follow deadlines and see who is working on certain tasks with apps like Trello and Asana.

3. Track Employee Time

Manual time cards tell you little about what employees are doing during the workday. One of the ways to use technology to improve workplace productivity is to switch to a time-tracking software like Clockify, Hubstaff or Toggl. You and your employees can monitor productivity reports to see whether time management improvements are in order.

4. Share Files Via the Cloud

Cloud-based applications like Google Drive let you upload, download and share files in seconds. Your staff can eliminate complications during the work week with the opportunity to send important documents to users anywhere in the world. Workers also encounter fewer hurdles in case someone is out sick or unavailable, and company files stay safe in the event of a hardware malfunction.

5. Ensure Company Devices Are Accessible

In order for workers to stay productive, businesses must have the right tools to store, charge and distribute devices. If your workers use company-owned technology in the office, solutions made by PowerGistics ensure your investments are available when departments need them.

How can our technology increase efficiency in a business? The answer is simple. Our charging and storage Towers are designed for industry-standard Chromebooks, tablets and laptops. Place devices within their individual slots and use the corresponding chargers to ensure your technology has enough battery power for the next user. Our solutions prevent you from having to rely on traditional carts that take up office space.

You’ll keep your devices safe and eliminate concerns about tangled wires when you use our Towers for effortless charging.

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