California Schools Choose PowerGistics

California schools are saving time and stress with PowerGistics Towers.

See the cities with schools that are enjoying all the benefits of PowerGistics vertical charging stations.


Antelope Valley Union High School DistrictAntelope Valley Union High School District, to the north of Los Angeles, California, consists of multiple high schools, including traditional, alternative and junior high schools.  The district serves 23,000 students in Palmdale and Lancaster and the surrounding areas.  The district has purchased Chromebooks as their choice of device for students.

In the 2018 article “How We are Changing Teaching and Learning,” Gary Allen, Director of Educational Technology at Antelope Valley, describes outfitting 70 math classrooms with 2 PowerGistics Towers and 40 Chromebooks each in a movement to add technology to the classroom and improve teacher and student teaching and learning.  In the article, Allen describes observing a math classroom:  “The students came into class. They collected their Chromebooks from the PowerGistic racks (I timed this. Because of the way the racks are designed, it took the students less than half the time to get their assigned Chromebooks than it would have if they had had a cart).”

Over time, Antelope Valley has continued to institute technology in the classroom.  Appreciating the time-saving features of PowerGistics, the district has purchased nearly 1,000 PowerGistics charging Towers over the last five years.


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PowerGistics Towers are proudly designed and manufactured in Wisconsin.

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We are a 5th generation family-owned business, and just celebrated our 150 year anniversary.  Our parent company, G.D. Roberts, Inc., started as a blacksmith shop in 1870 in Columbus, WI, where we still are located today.

When we say Made in Wisconsin we mean it. PowerGistics is 100% Made in Wisconsin. Check it out and see.

When we say Made in Wisconsin we mean it. PowerGistics is 100% Made in Wisconsin. Check it out and see.

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