Can a Charging Station Really Improve Education Quality?

February 15, 2021

Little Improvements for a Quality Education

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference in the lives of an IT staff, educator or student.  Having one less device to deal with, or saving a few minutes of time here or there, can make a big difference in a day.  This is especially true when issues are dealt with daily.  It gets frustrating to manage the same devices or repeat instructions over and over.  

We get it, and we want to help.  Little issues with technology devices, when eliminated, give the teacher more confidence in integrating technology into lessons.  Students gain more time to focus, and have fewer excuses to get out of a lesson.  Overall education is improved when a charging station solves little problems and propels education forward.

Your IT department could use less stress  

Image contains man sitting at desk fixing multiple laptops and keyboards

Students can’t pull out charging cables that are managed the right way.  This relieves IT from having to worry about damaged cables or re-wiring constantly.  If devices are put away in a horizontal position, the chance of dropping them is reduced compared to trying to put them into a vertical slot.  IT, then, doesn’t need to repair or replace damaged devices.  A teacher who can see with a glance that devices are (or aren’t) charging can prevent the uncharged device problem before it happens.  This saves IT from supplying an alternative device to the student with an uncharged one. 

Your teachers could use some extra time

Giving students the ability and responsibility to retrieve and return devices properly means the teacher doesn’t have to manage that part of the day.  This gives the teacher more time to use for instruction or planning.   Being able to see devices even with the door shut is invaluable.  It gives the teacher a quick troubleshoot to unplugged or missing devices, preventing issues later in the day.  Putting charging stations on opposite sides of the room means deployment happens twice as quickly! 

Your students should be kept safe

Individual, horizontal shelves for devices means they don’t touch, saving cross-contamination from happening.  Cords that can be plugged in or unplugged with a single touch reduces contact and, therefore, the spread of germs.   An antimicrobial coating on shelves slows the growth of microorganisms.  This means devices and students are exposed to fewer viruses and bacteria.  Keeping students and staff healthy means staying on track with daily curriculum.

Expectations for quality of education are kept high

Spending less time on managing devices means teachers can spend more time on lessons with students.  Having devices charged and ready gives students thetechnology access they need, when they need it.  No more sending a student to IT to get a device fixed or to borrow a charged one. When devices are stored and charged the right way, lessons go on as planned.  Teachers have the confidence to know they can integrate technology into a lesson without second-guessing if it’ll work or not.  The quality of education is improved and standards are kept high.

PowerGistics Towers for Education are designed to improve that education quality.  It’s all of those little things that make a big difference.  PowerGistics Towers reduce stress of IT, save time for teachers and keep students safe.  

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