Case Study • January 31, 2023

Organized Charging in a Small Space Improves Office Efficiency

Planning and executing an event with 2,000 people is no small task. The team at The Dufour Collaborative in Arlington, Virginia does this routinely and with great success.

Time for Change

The Dufour Collaborative is an experience design firm, producing events and gatherings for any size crowd. A key component of their events is registration of attendees, which is done at the event using iPads. 

Having iPads that are charged and ready is critical to the streamlined process of The Dufour Collaborative. To improve their previous ad-hoc charging system, they chose PowerGistics Grab&Go20 charging Towers on Stands.

When describing why they chose PowerGistics, Dale Schreiber, Operations Manager at Dufour, says “It looked very clean and like it would fit in with our office aesthetic. You were the one we wanted. It was a good solution for us.”

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Primary Pain Points:

• Different versions of iPad devices

• Disorganized storage and charing of iPads

• Devices not charged when needed

• Office space used inefficienctly for charging devices


• Standard power gives flexibility in device type

• Grab&Go20 Towers on Stands provide permanent location and organization of devices

• Vertical and slim charging solution frees up space in other areas

• Locking doors precipitated a checkout system for staff, leading to better planning and an imporved devie program

Making Use of Vertical Space

The team at Dufour checks out devices and then takes them to an event, so devices need to be charged and ready on any given day. The Grab&Go20 Towers fit perfectly in a closet area where they could store and secure iPads. They chose the standard power strip to accommodate the variety of iPads in their supply.

“Your Tower is very compact and upright in a way that allows us to store more in a smaller square footage area,” says Schreiber.

“The vertical space allows us to have so much more capability. That combined with the constant charging really helps. Sometimes we realize we need something day-of.  Having things ready at 100% in that volume is incredible for us.”


Kitchen Counter No More

Previously the team stored and charged iPads on a countertop and in a charging case. Having iPads in multiple locations reduced productivity when they were missing or not charged – a frequent occurrence.

The new Towers gave a permanent home to chargers and devices. Schreiber says “We ordered as many chargers as there are ports, and then we leave them there and don’t touch them.” She adds, “It’s been super easy to just go and grab one.”

Check-out Procedure Encourages Planning

Since installing PowerGistics Towers Dufour has instituted a check-out policy for devices. Because of the locking Tower doors, team members are now forced to plan ahead.

Schreiber says, “Having the Towers and having them locked has helped enforce the ‘These things need to be checked out’ policy. That has pushed our team to think ahead more and have to plan for how many devices they will have on site.”

The Dufour Collaborative continues to curate unforgettable events with innovative design and invention. In streamlining their device charging and storage, they can commit more time to the heart of their business – award-winning experiences.


• The Dufour Collaborative has an organized system for storing and charging devices.

• More space is available in the office for other needs.

• A device check-out procedure improves the event planning process.









The Dufour Collaborative is one of the nation’s premier experience design firms, because we craft moments that move, delight, and unite people.

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