Case Study • October 9, 2020

The Perfect Fit for Chromebook Storage

PowerGistics Towers bring safety and efficiency to device management for a new school.

5 PowerGistics Tower20s for device storage and charging.

As a Director of Operations helping to build a brand new school, Damon Norris understands the importance of efficiency. When he started thinking about managing 1:1 deployment and Chromebook storage, he knew the solution would need to use space well, be cost effective, and allow students to be responsible for devices without wasting class time. After wading his way through countless cart options and hours of research, the answer literally fell into his lap.

“I was sitting down at my desk, a catalog fell onto my lap. I looked at the page and it happened to have fallen open to the Tower 20. After all the research I had already done, I couldn’t believe that the solution had been there all along. The more I looked into the towers, the more I realized just how well they would work for our school—even down to where they fit. We ended up buying 5 Towers, and they fit perfectly in the space we initially blocked off to be a trophy case.”

PowerGistics Tower 20 for device storage and charging.About A+ Charter
Maricopa, AZ
25,000 Square Ft
175 Students
Grades 7-10
Add grades 11-12 within the next 2 years


  • Needed a Chromebook storage and charging solution that would be a central hub without wasting valuable space
  • Students need to be responsible for their own devices
  • Devices need to be easily disinfected, safely stored,
    and charged daily

Product Solutions

  • Tower 20+
  • Plan to add additional towers in
    classrooms as school grows

Norris couldn’t have possibly planned for what the Spring of 2020 had in store for education. Certainly, COVID-19 made a global impact on the way we manage everything. Schools are now forced to find new ways to support learning while keeping students and staff safe from the spread of germs. Luckily for A+ Charter Schools, PowerGistics Towers make 1:1 device management and Chromebook storage safer than ever. Options for split deployment, antimicrobial coating, and cleaning caddies help to slow and stop the spread of germs.

“I am excited about the ways that these towers will grow and evolve with our school. These towers are helping us to manage our 1:1 deployment with minimal touch points, which will keep our students safer.
PowerGistics is aligned with the future of education.”
Damon Norris

PowerGistics Towers aren’t just helping keep students safer from the spread of germs. They are also helping to prepare students for the workforce. Norris explains, “Our students are 100% responsible for their devices, just like they would be in any work setting. We provide the tools, but it is on them to be responsible and use them effectively. Parents are thrilled, and teachers love that they do not have to dedicate time or space to managing devices.”

Primary pain points with previous cart setup:

  • Inefficient use of space
  • Devices left uncharged
  • Cord management
  • Responsibility placed on teacher or staff

Towers benefits for Teachers:

  • Split deployment keeps students and staff safer from the spread of germs
  • Built-in cable management makes for less mess and better organization
  • Students are able to independently manage their devices

Image shows 3 towers for device storage and charging.

As A+ Charter School grows, Norris is confident that PowerGistics Towers will be a vital part of expansion. In fact, he already has plans to add more PowerGistics Towers into the classroom for additional Chromebook storage and charging. While schools are still working through what learning will look after the impact of COVID-19, Norris is certain that PowerGistics Towers will be a part of their solution for years to come.


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