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Classroom Tablet Storage and Charging Solutions

At PowerGistics, we know teachers are already strapped for time and often overworked. The last things they need to waste precious minutes and concern about are their students’ tablets and other devices. We designed classroom tablet storage and charging towers so that teachers have one less item on their to-do lists.

Our towers make it easy for even the youngest students to access their devices. This student-managed concept saves teachers on average more than 55 teaching hours per classroom, per year.

Each tower has color-coded shelves, one for each device, that can be numbered for easy recognition. No one will be confused as to where to retrieve or return his or her device. One internal outlet per shelf eliminates any tangled cables. A newly improved design holds the cables snug so there is just enough cord to allow for easy plug-ins, and not enough to cause dangling cords that can get wrapped around each other.

You can also choose multiple towers to store and charge your devices, avoiding a bottleneck in one part of the classroom. With our towers, teachers can start teaching more quickly and there will be no pushing and shoving arguments.

Split deployments

Our storage and charging solutions range from desktop units that hold and charge up to six devices, to units that can store and charge as many as 20 devices. All our towers can be mounted on a wall, keeping prime floor space available for desks, chairs, and other classroom equipment.

Most towers are also compatible with our freestanding tower base, which has a slim but sturdy design and four feet. Our roller bases enable the towers to be moved with ease from one room to another or one desk to another.

You can also configure the storage and charging towers to best fit the needs of your classroom. For instance, if you have 24 devices to accommodate, PowerGistics has several options. You could choose two Tower12 units that can hang on the wall; you could also select one Tower16 in a Roller unit for easy mobility, along with a mounted Tower8. A third choice would be to use three Tower8 units strategically placed throughout the room. Our website has an online sorting tool to assist you with decision-making. We also have deployment specialists ready to work with you on the best solution for your classroom’s layout and number of devices.

Lifetime guarantee

Our towers are built in the United States with military-grade aluminum. They are solid and not susceptible to even the most wear and tear school kids can dish out. We stand behind our products with more than just words; as such, we have established a lifetime warranty on the hardware and a three-year warranty on the powerstrip.

You can rest easy knowing you are saving your school time and money by purchasing your tablet storage and charging products from PowerGistics.

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