Take-Home Technology Model: Device Loss and Damage

January 23, 2023

Technology has become integral to school operations, with students using laptops, tablets or other mobile devices as learning tools. As administrators and IT directors plan technology use, some might adopt a take-home technology model. If you’re considering this model but wonder about take-home technology model damage and loss, read on for more insight.

What Is the Take-Home Technology Model?

The take-home technology model encourages students to bring devices back and forth between school and home. Each student takes a device home to accomplish homework assignments, then brings it back to school the next day for classroom use. Depending on students’ ages and needs, schools might give them iPads, Chromebooks, laptops or tablets.

Many school districts began this practice during the COVID-19 pandemic to help students learn outside the classroom. In high schools and middle schools, 90% of schools have one student per electronic device, and in grade schools, 84% have one student per device.

Take-Home Technology Model Device Loss and Damage

While the take-home technology model has benefits, it also poses challenges. Students take devices from the classroom and carry them home or to after-school events in backpacks. When students bring devices everywhere, they may lose them. Then, they miss out on valuable education while they wait for a new device or search for their old one.

Giving students devices to take home may also increase damage. Some damages need repair, while others require a new tablet or laptop. Statistics show that up to 15% of devices could break during a school year. While students wait for new devices or repairs, they fall behind. Repairs and replacements also increase technology costs.

The Costs to School Districts

Since the take-home technology model often increases educational device damage and loss, school districts pay more to provide their students with technology. Many schools hand out devices and then struggle to get them back at the school year’s end. Then, school districts must replace these lost devices, incurring high costs. Repairs and replacements add to technology expenses.

Schools often lose or must replace thousands of devices each school year with the take-home model. With high technology costs, school districts might spend $500,000 or more each year replacing devices.

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