Innovative Charging Stations Designed for Education

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Inspired by IT Directors. Created For Your Classrooms.

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Efficient Deployment Is Possible With PowerGistics

When picking a classroom charging station for your students, there are a number of factors to consider.

You may be more familiar with traditional cart charging stations in schools, but our Towers have multiple advantages. Our innovative, streamlined design is ideal for maximizing your classroom’s resources and increasing your students’ productivity during class time.

Results for Today and for Tomorrow

A classroom with desks in rows and a PowerGistics charging tower

Towers by PowerGistics are designed specifically to evolve to your future deployment needs.

Devices, classroom layouts and your deployment needs will change in time. PowerGistics wall-mounted towers will evolve to be free-standing, or mobile giving you the ultimate in deployment results with flexibility for today and tomorrow.

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Teachers, IT Directors & Students Choose PowerGistics

Teacher Testimonials 2021

PowerGistics Towers proprietary device management allows teachers to teach and students to manage their own devices.

This reclaims thousands of classroom hours that cumbersome carts, baskets and cabinets are currently taking away from your district.

Key Features of PowerGistics Charging Stations

Small Vertical Footprint

One Tower is only 11.25″ wide Two Towers take up less than half of the square footage of a single cart.

Maintenance Free Cable Management

Perfected cable management provides quick device return and retrieval. IT staff won’t have to waste time rewiring again.

Versatile Mounting Options

Wall mount, stands, or rollers are designed specifically to evolve to your future deployment needs.

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