5 Ways to Save Time in the Classroom

October 15, 2021

Teachers are always looking for ways to save time during the school year. Students deserve your undivided attention, so efficiency is the key to moving through all learning objectives before summer vacation starts.

If you have a packed agenda, consider the tips below to help make sure you’re always ahead of schedule:

1. Analyze the Curriculum and Set Goals

You want your students to remember what you teach. Before the academic year begins, look through your lesson book to decide what subjects, concepts or big ideas must be addressed. There might be informational videos or holiday activities you can skip if you’re falling behind.

2. Try Using a Timer

It’s important to be aware of the clock. You can set timers for yourself as a reminder to move forward. When the timer goes off, are you still teaching, or are students engaged in a corresponding activity? Balance out your week by figuring out how long it takes to get through instructional periods.

3. Streamline Everyday Tasks

Teachers can save time in the classroom by thinking of creative ways to take attendance, collect homework and finish administrative duties. Something as simple as a sign-in board or an assignment drop-off box saves you from walking around the room repeatedly.

4. Keep Assignments Online

Collecting homework assignments, quizzes and projects on paper means sorting through dozens of worksheets. One of the best ways to save time in the classroom is to go paperless. See what you can do to set up online submissions for students. You’ll have all of your students’ work in one organized place, and some programs even let you configure automatic grading features.

5. Make Sure Classroom Supplies Are Accessible

If your school district uses laptops or tablets, ensuring the devices are easily accessible for students reduces downtime.

A traditional technology cart turns into a tangled mess of wires. Consider upgrading to a vertical charging and storage Tower from PowerGistics. Students can remove and replace laptops or handheld devices independently, while teachers are able to count laptops quickly thanks to the open-door design.

Cable management remains simple with PowerGistics solutions, as each slot has a designated charger and a channel to hold each cable tight. For maximum efficiency, these products are built vertically to you save space throughout the classroom.

Keep Your Classroom Organized With PowerGistics Products

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