Applying CDC Consideration to Classroom Device Charging & Deployment

RETHINK THE CART with CDC Considerations

Returning to in-class instruction during COVID-19 challenges educators to rethink all processes in the classroom.

Traditional charging carts were an innovation when laptops first began to travel between classrooms to support student learning in the early 2000s. They were never designed to save space or permanently live in the classroom, yet they are now fairly ubiquitous in crowded classrooms as many schools reach 1:1.

Rethinking how classroom devices are charged, retrieved, and returned has never been more relevant with this invisible threat from COVID-19. To ensure the electronic devices that enable modern learning are as safe as possible, we need to innovate the classroom process for device deployment. How many people touch a device during the deployment process? How long does deployment take? How easy is it for students to social distance when they retrieve and return a device? How are shared devices cleaned between uses?

This guide will explore all these questions and more.

CDC COVID-19 Guidlines to Classrooms


PowerGistics Charging and Storage Towers help educators get their classrooms safe and ready for their students to return.

Our 100% Student Managed Deployment inhibits the spread of germs in the classroom. Individual storage trays reduce touching and cross-contamination, so there’s never been a safer way to store, charge and deploy your classroom devices.

Our latest device storage and charging Towers are available with an antimicrobial coating and optional cleaning-wipe caddy to further help protect your teachers and students.

The 100% Student Managed nature of our Towers helps prevent the spread of germs:

*Antimicrobial coating available as an option with all Towers.   Cleaning Caddy sold as an accessory.