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Charging & Storage Towers That Increase Your Productivity

To improve your work environment and increase your employee’s productivity levels, we have a wide range of different multi-device charging carts for your business. Our designs are sleek and versatile, so you can use them for multiple applications.


Charging & Storage Stations for Every Device in Your Office

Running a successful business and staying up to date on the latest technology go hand in hand. Whether your employees work on tablets, laptops, cell phones or other devices, staying organized is an essential part of your company’s success.

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Businesses Choose PowerGistics Charging Solutions

Found in thousands of classrooms, businesses, and healthcare institutions across the world, the modern and innovative design allows for 100% employee deployment. Individual trays reduce touching and cross-contamination while saving hours of daily staff time.


Key Features of PowerGistics Charging Stations

Save Time and Money

A device or laptop charging station ensures your employees’ devices are up and running each morning. Your employees can maximize every minute and be as productive as possible.

Update Wirelessly

With our charging station wireless updating capability, everyone’s device has immediate access to the newest version of software and updates.

Maximize Organization

Our charging carts for the office are divided into sections for each device, so keeping track of every worker’s tablets, laptops and cell phones has never been easier. Our tablet storage cabinets also have easy-to-use cable management, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with a mess of wires.

Improve Security

Keeping a multi-device charging cart in your office is also a great way to increase security in your business. If everyone returns their devices to the same table storage cabinet at the end of the day, you can rest assured each device will remain in its designated spot until it’s needed again.

Assess Inventory Easily

Because of the transparent door on our table storage cabinets, you can visually take inventory to assess which employees are using their devices and which are not. This unique open-door feature allows you to take inventory effortlessly.


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