Cable Management

Cables. Managed.

PowerGistics’ maintenance-free cable management is the MOST INTUITIVE cable management system you’ve seen.

With PowerGistics’s cable management system, each shelf has its own dedicated cable route, keeping cords from becoming tangled and being used for other devices. This saves teachers countless headaches and time untangling devices.

PowerGistics charging Towers’ intuitive design allows students the ability to manage their own device return and retrieval without teachers wasting valuable classroom time.

Cables are neatly fed from the spine through the wiring route along the side of each shelf. Just enough cord is provided for students to unplug or plug in devices.

For the IT staff, the back of the spine provides ample space for either power bricks or USB cables to be neatly organized and contained.




Watch Christine show you how our exceptional cable management keeps devices charged and ready.


Easy for Students

PowerGistics Towers have a student-proof cable design. Only enough cord is let out for students to plug in devices, and it’s held tightly by a pinch point. This means students can easily charge their devices on their own.



Time Saving for Teachers

Because of the easy-to-use cords, students can manage device return and retrieval on their own.  Teachers won’t have to waste class time trying to untangle cords or figuring out which cord goes to which device.



Less Stress for IT Staff

The cord channel and pinch point along the side of each shelf eliminate tangled or damaged cords, missing power bricks and accidentally uncharged devices.  This saves IT time and money.



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