Custom Colors

School Spirit Series

We’ve got spirit… How about You?

Show your school spirit with custom colors!

What a great way to personalize your Towers and add school spirit to your school and classrooms!


Custom Color charge per Tower $179

minimum of 10 unit order

#1 Yellow. #2 Blue. #3 Red. #4 Orange.
#5 Grey. #6 White. #7 Purple. #8 Green
#9 Navy. Z Sliver. Y Gold. Z Black

*Antimicrobial Custom Colors are:
#1 Yellow. #2 Blue. #3 Red.
#6 White. #8 Green


Follow these two steps to choose your School Spirit Tower custom colors.

Door, top cover, spine and side strips are white.

Step 1 – Choose 1st Shelf Color

First set of shelves & third set of shelves

Step 2 – Choose 2nd Shelf Color

Second set of shelves & Fourth set of shelves

*Rollers and Just-A-Stand added to Tower models not available in custom colors.



Download the PDF file