Device Management Brings Safety to the Classroom

November 19, 2020

Powering Schools Through a New Era

Across the world, the education sector has seen huge disruption as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. After a period of shutdown and a summer like no other, many US districts are pressing on with plans to reopen their schools this year. The current landscape means things will look a bit different for both teachers and students. New measures will be in place to tackle the risk of spreading COVID-19, including separate entrances, redefined classroom spaces and increased hygiene protocols.  The CDC has recently updated its considerations for operating schools during COVID-19.

With all of the aforementioned changes in place, education providers will have their hands full trying to ensure student safety on top of their regular teaching role. Similarly, students may be concerned about entering a strange environment where they need to rethink how they interact with their classmates. How can PowerGistics and device management make life a little easier as these two groups head into this challenging school year?

Teacher’s aidePowerGistics 3 towers laptop charging wall mount mobile free standing

A PowerGistics Tower can be a huge ally in the classroom. With an innovative open-door concept, teachers can see all Chromebooks, tablets and laptops at a glance, ruling out the need for manual checking. As each student will have control of their own device management, there is no need for the teacher to distribute, collect or store them.

The color-coded design not only brightens up a classroom, it also makes organization a lot easier. Teachers can match these colors to other areas, helping them be more efficient when it comes to categorizing learning materials.  The colored trays can also be used to have students to retrieve or return devices in small groups by their color.

PowerGistics Tower laptop charging color coded shelves

The Towers also save space in a classroom with their small footprint, freeing teachers up to facilitate more areas for creative initiatives, such as group activities.  The small footprint also aides in providing more room to space desks and social distance in the classroom.

All of these benefits will be invaluable to education providers, saving them hours of time when they need it most. This means they can channel their productivity into other areas, empowering them to teach in a vastly different landscape.

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Student benefits

In terms of student safety, PowerGistics charging Towers offer single-touch device deployment, reducing contact. A shelf for each individual means they only need to touch the power cable to retrieve and return their device, without touching the Tower itself. An optional antimicrobial coating can also help to lower the risk of viral spread.

Using the split deployment model, two PowerGistics Towers can be placed at opposite ends of a classroom. This can reduce congestion and unnecessary queueing, making it easier for students to adhere to social distancing.

Finally, a student-proof cable design ensures wires don’t get tangled easily, eliminating any delays in future use.  This also reduces how much time it takes to retrieve or return devices, providing more time for other classroom activities.

These added bonuses in device management will help ease kids back into the school environment as they adjust to a new normal.

A Digital Future

As crucial as these benefits are now, they will also be relevant in the wake of the current pandemic. If necessary innovations succeed in creating a positive classroom experience it is likely that teachers will be more willing to embrace new digital tools in the future.  This means schools will be perfectly positioned to venture into a whole new era of technology.

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