Antimicrobial paint applied to PowerGistics Towers is intended to maintain an uninhabitable environment to where mold, mildew and fungus cannot live.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will permit the use of terms such as “antimicrobial,” “fungistatic,” “mildew- resistant,” “mold- resistant” regarding the use of antimicrobial paint on PowerGistics Towers.  This product does not protect users against disease-causing bacteria.

A device deployment system with multiple towers takes minimal time for students to manage.  The reason we limit our Towers to 20 devices is to set up multiple stations for dealing out devices.  Multiple towers reduces congestion, and therefore, also reduces transition time.

Our doors are attached with two hinges that are easy to access.  All you need is an 8mm wrench to take off 4 nuts, and the door is gone.

No problem.  Our doors are attached with two hinges that are easy to access.  All you need is an 8mm wrench to take off 4 nuts, flip the door upside down and reattach on the other side.

We offer a padlock conversion kit for our Tower Series that can be purchased through Amazon.  The Core Series does not currently have a padlock conversion option.

PowerGistics is a global company. Just let us know to where you would like it delivered and we can figure out the rest.

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Sorry that you have an issue.  We stand behind everything we make with a lifetime warranty.  Please let us know what the issue is and we will take care of you.

This must be done within two weeks of receiving your order to assure any damage was done due to shipping.  Missing parts will be sent as soon as we are notified.

We back up all of our gear with a Lifetime warranty.

There sure is. Our hollowed out spine allows for power bricks to be installed on alternating sides of the power strip.  If you have a square power adapter (like some Apple products), you can move the power strip to the side to make room.

We work through the reseller channel. Please let us know what you are looking for and we can connect with your preferred reseller to provide you with a quote.

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It sure is nice that we make our products in our own facility in Wisconsin.  Please Contact Us to discover the assortment of custom color options that we stock.


A majority of the components on our Towers are aluminum.  Weights range from 26-64lbs.  Keep in mind, when mounting a unit to the wall, the Tower rests on the floor, carrying the weight.  The wall mount is what is keeping the unit tipped upright.

All 8, 12, and 16 shelf Towers can be mounted onto one of our rolling stands or a free-standing stand.  Our Towers are designed to evolve with your different classroom needs.

Each provided wall mount kit includes a plastic collar spacer that is positioned between the screw head and the wall.  This is used so when you need to access the rear of the Tower, you just back the screw out a couple of turns, lift 1/2″ and the Tower comes off the screws through the key holes.  Then you set the Tower back down and turn it around.

Having a lower number of units plugged into one outlet allows our Towers to charge all devices at one time, eliminating the  need for intelligent charging.

The USB power strips that we use deliver a slow charge intended for devices with a maximum power supply of 45W or less.

The USB power strip that we use in our Towers is compatible with any USB cord.  The only cords we provide are the USB-A to USB-C cords.  We provide USB-A to USB-C cords with our Core USB series.  USB-A to Lightning cords are also available upon request.

The USB Tower series is intended to deliver a slow charge, ideal for 11″ Chromebooks and tablets.  The average time it takes to charge a set of these devices, with completely drained batteries, is 4-5 hours.

The USB Series is designed to deliver a slow charge while the device is closed/not in use, and stored away on one of the shelves.  The average time it takes to charge a set of 11” Chromebooks, with completely drained batteries, is 4-5 hours.  If you were to try to charge the device from the USB power strip while the device is in use, it is common to receive a message stating, “Your Chromebook may not charge while it is turned on.”

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