The Flex Key Features

Charging and storage for up to 20 Chromebooks, iPads, and tablets with side-mounted easy-access cable management and a rolling option.

Yes, we have what you’re looking for,
the FLEX20 USB.

The Flex20USB has the same favorite features as other PowerGistics Towers, such as the vertical design and open door visual security, but now also features:

  • New side-mounted cable management
  • Low-profile design
  • Roller option available
  • New Accessories
With a human-centered and low-profile design, the Flex20 USB  makes devices easily accessible by students of all ages and levels.  For reference, the teacher is 5’3”.

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Key Features of the Flex20 USB

Locking Side Door
Access power cords while unit is mounted to the wall. Locking door protects and secures power cords and strip. IT staff won’t waste time rewiring again.

Maintenance-Free Cable Management
Designed for student use, the perfected cable management provides quick device return and retrieval.

100% Student Managed
Numbers and colorful shelves direct students to their exact devices without help from classroom teachers.

USB-A to USB-C Cords included with USB Towers
Cable up Towers in less than 10 minutes. Save money by not buying extra power bricks.

Visual Security
The open door design allows teachers to clearly see if all the devices are charging and stored from anywhere in the classroom.

Innovative Vertical Design
Vertical design allows devices to lay flat in their natural position, protecting them from damage during device return and retrieval.

Antimicrobial Powder Coating
This gives an extra layer of protection against spreading common germs.

The FLEX20 USB comes with a wall-mounting plate and hardware.


Flex Roller*

Our first ready-to-roll 20-shelf Tower

Attach the FlexRoller to any Flex20 Tower to make it mobile. Includes rear handle bar for easier Tower navigation.
H 1.50“ x W 26.00” x D 29.00”

More on the Flex Roller

Versatile and Future-proof Techpost Shelves

The adjustable TechPosts (2) keep any size device at the front of the shelf, making it easier to plug in or unplug devices during return or retrieval.

Insert the TechPosts into the appropriate slots for your device sizes, or remove altogether for laptops.

TechPosts in FIRST POSITION for devices up to 10.00” on the longest side

TechPosts in SECOND POSITION for devices up to 12.00” on the longest side

REMOVAL OF TechPosts for devices up to 13.50” on the longest side





New Side-mounted Accessories*

You want massive amounts of optional space for, well, just about everything –


Amazing improvement on the single headphone hook we offer in the CORE or TOWER series.

H 11.50“ x W 1.0” x D 4.5”



The simple improvement is that it fits almost any cleaning container.

H 5.20“ x W 4.0” x D 3.30”



The biggest area storage container we can make holds almost anything… maybe.

H 5.50“ x W 11.50” x D 4.0”



OK, small could be the wrong word, let’s just say this tray is like our old container only better. Multiple placement zones make it a flexible storage option.

H 4.75“ x W 5.25” x D 3.70”


Download the Flex20 USB Info Sheet


The Flex20 Lock and Keys

The keys for the Flex20 USB are NOT universal with any CORE Series or TOWER Series.

The lock on the Flex20 USB has the lock built into the door. When the key is turned, the latch turns and hooks onto the shelf, keeping the door then locked.


Keys for Flex20 USB are not interchangeable with Tower Series and Core Series.

The Flex20 USB door can’t be flipped to the left side.

The Flex20 USB does not have a Stand option.


*Flex Roller and Flex Accessories are sold separately.