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Our Tablet and Laptop Storage and Charging Towers perfectly blend advanced cable management with contemporary design


use of space in classrooms and offices


1:1 assignments resulting in a decrease in damage to devices


device deployment and management for significant time savings


a fluid learning environment


Keep your tech charged, safe and secure.

PowerGistics Towers are space-saving, charging and storage solutions for businesses using laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and handheld devices. Each PowerGistics' charging locker features lay flat charging to keep all of your devices organized and safe.

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We are a family-owned company


Driven by innovation and integrity, we believe in providing products that make life easier and help solve problems.

The history of PowerGistics is the story of its people.

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For devices that Need To Move Quickly and Securely.

PowerGistics storage and charging station products are designed specifically to evolve to your future charging and storage needs. Devices, office layouts and your deployment needs will change in time. Our products have the flexibility for business needs today, and for tomorrow.

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Ditch your old device storage carts!

Save $5,958 Annually

Your school can easily save money and time by upgrading your device carts and charging cabinet to our USB Charging Towers. Our multiple device charging stations can replace outdated charging carts to better support your classrooms' technology needs. Learn how much you and your school can save today.

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GET 21 DAYS of your time back in Productivity

At PowerGistics, we know teachers are already strapped for time and often overworked. The last things they need to waste time on are their students' tablets and other devices. So we've designed our classroom tablet storage and device charging Towers so that they have one less item on their to-do lists. See how our on demand charging stations can support your classroom needs.

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