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All kinds of organizations use laptops to stay efficient. They’re portable, convenient devices that allow us to do endless amounts of work. Their versatility makes them a common choice for school administrators, business owners and healthcare executives, as they allow employees and students to access valuable information quickly and easily. There’s no doubt that laptops are great devices to have, but an issue arises when it comes to storing and charging these laptops.

At the end of the day, it can be all too easy to leave a laptop out, forget to charge it and fail to put it somewhere safe. When you come back the next day, it’s probably dead, or worse — lost. The first few minutes — or even hours — of the day might be spent searching for the lost device. What people need to solve this is a central charging location with built-in storage. A convenient, centralized station is exactly what you need to store and charge your devices so they’re ready for the next day’s work.

PowerGistics offers various kinds of laptop charging carts with rolling cart options for portability and convenience. When we first launched PowerGistics, we set out to solve a complex problem with an easy answer. Ultimately, we discovered that we could create a simple, modern product that would effectively store and charge laptops simultaneously.

With PowerGistics charging Towers, industries like healthcare, business, education and more can enjoy several benefits, including:

No matter what type of organization you run, you’ll be sure to benefit from investing in a laptop charging cart that will keep your devices safe and ready to go. PowerGistics has a diverse line of products that can suit your individual needs.


The PowerGistics Core8 has eight wall-mounted shelves for laptops up to 14.8 inches wide. The Core8 accommodates a wide range of laptops and will quickly charge your device — even the most robust laptops — within two to three hours. The Core8 offers a simple cord design so you won’t have to spend time reorganizing wires, and the antimicrobial powder coated paint will help fight any germs that might try to spread on the cabinet. PowerGistics also offers the Core12Core16 and Core20, with each having four more shelves of storage space than the last.

Whatever storage and charging solution you need, the Core series is a great choice that helps keep your laptops protected and charged.


The PowerGistics Grab&Go8 is a simple, sleek option for charging and storing laptops. The Grab&Go8 comes with a standard power strip, a see-through cabinet door and the innovative TechStop, which keeps devices at the front of the shelf for easy retrieval. The shelves are wall-mounted, and you have the option to buy an extra stand or rollers for added convenience. The Grab&Go option lets you remove the front door entirely so you can make getting your device easier than ever.

Like the Core series, the Grab&Go line comes in various storage options, including:


The Tower16 emphasizes vertical storage for a charging cabinet that gives you 16 shelves without taking up too much space. The colored shelves allow devices to be used according to certain teams, and you can customize the colors to reflect your business’s logo or school spirit. Buy multiple Towers and spread them around the room to create even more convenience for students and employees.


The Stand8Stand12/16 and Stand20 all come with a locking rear door to keep cords and devices extra secure. They also come with angled steel legs for extra stability that will keep your charging station upright and solid.


Rollers are attachments that can transform your CORE towers or Grab&Go wall mounts into portable charging stations. The Roller8 and Roller12/16 both feature a locking rear door, front wheels with full swivel capabilities and large rubber back wheels for stability.


The open concept design of the TechHub6 allows you to see your devices even while they’re secure. With a quick glance at the charging cabinet, you can be confident that all your devices are there and protected. TechHub comes with a keyed lock and plastic-free aluminum construction for an airy design that will help extend the lifetime of your laptops.

Why PowerGistics?

When you invest in a PowerGistics product, you’re investing in the future of your devices. Several benefits come with a PowerGistics charging station, including:

With a variety of options and accessories, PowerGistics has a laptop charging and storing solution for many organizations. The only thing left to do is find the one that matches your needs. Visit our site today and start investing in the future of your organization’s devices and productivity. Shop now!

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