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Cell phones are integral parts of life now — they help us communicate, research and do much more all from the convenience of our palms. But their portability also makes them easier to lose and break. Another common issue is finding a place to charge your phone — all too often, you can’t find an outlet, or your phone dies unexpectedly.

If you’re running an office, healthcare facility or a school, these phones could be central to your employees. You could be using them for communication within your organization, and if one dies or breaks, it can hold up an entire day. It’s important to invest in a centralized cell phone charging station so that you can keep phones charged and safe and the organization working efficiently.

PowerGistics has sleek, innovative phone charging cabinets for easy and convenient usage. Free from twisted wires and poor designs, PowerGistics is the easy, dynamic solution you need to keep phones protected. These mobile device charging stations can be used in a variety of different environments, including:

These industries and more could benefit greatly from PowerGistics charging carts. With the variety of options PowerGistics has to offer, you’ll be able to find something that fits your unique needs.


With 10 shelves of storage, the CellTower10 is the sleek, simply-designed phone charging station you need. It offers many innovative and unique qualities, such as:


The TechHub6 offers a keyed lock for those looking for some extra safety and six shelves of space for your mobile devices. For ease of access, there is a cable channel on each shelf that guides the charging cord to the front of the shelf. You won’t have to spend time frustratingly untangling cords — just unplug it and go. All that time trying to organize cords can be put toward more important efforts.


The TechStation10 utilizes an elegant design and ten shelves of storage for your phones. Each space has an individual cord you can plug in for charging, making it a sleek and easy way to store and charge your devices. Its plastic-free aluminum construction makes it lightweight and increases the longevity of your device.

Why PowerGistics?

PowerGistics phone charging carts give you the ability to create a central storage spot that emphasizes safety, security and effectiveness. The way we communicate and gain new information comes from our phones, and charging carts provide a way to prolong the longevity of these devices. Our charging carts give you a variety of different benefits, including:

You’ll receive all of these benefits and more when you invest in a PowerGistics charging station.

Browse PowerGistics Products Today


Browse PowerGistics products today

PowerGistics is dedicated to finding simple solutions to complex problems. Our charging stations reflect this — combining basic style with useful functionality, we give industries an easy and intuitive way to store and charge their devices. We’re a fifth-generation family-owned company that’s always growing and coming up with new ways to solve problems. If you’re looking for a way to keep your devices protected, browse our selection of PowerGistics phone charging stations. Shop today!

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