Regaining Lost Time in Student Learning

August 6, 2020

Protecting a Most Precious Commodity

Time is a precious commodity in education at the moment.  For example, in June, the Government in the UK announced a £1 billion COVID ‘catch up’ package to tackle the impact of lost teaching time. The plans recognise that all young people have ‘lost time in education as a result of the pandemic’.

All this brings into sharp focus the need to make the most of time spent in the classroom.

Those schools that have reopened have naturally had to overhaul the look and feel of the classroom, as well as the way students and staff engage with one another. And for the autumn term, more permanent solutions will need to be found.

Regain Lost Time

Young girl retrieves computer from storage tower.

Our products for the education sector focus on a simple principle; spend more of your time teaching. The portable device charging and storage solutions we have built for the education sector enable teachers to reclaim more than 21 days in the classroom per year. When put into the context of school upheaval and a Government drive to reclaim lost time, that is a significant boost to teachers.

A journalist at the Daily Telegraph put it beautifully in a recent piece: “When the dust from the pandemic settles, schools and universities will mop up the mess and embrace the future.”

We have all seen portable devices play an integral role in keeping families, friends and businesses connected in recent months. But their significance in the classroom has been increasing steadily in recent years. Not only are they a learning aid, but also a fundamental part of modern life that students are used to.

Stay Safe antimicrobial shieldThe pandemic has, of course, heightened safety fears in the school environment.  To assuage these fears, our charging and storage solutions have an optional antimicrobial powder coating.  This silver-ion coating reduces the potential spread of infection by students using multiple devices.

Social distancing, though a fundamental tactic, must be supported in the classroom.  Our split deployment system and color group deployment prevent traffic jams and create natural social distancing.

Measures must also be taken to keep devices as clean as possible.  The single-touch deployment of our Towers reduces cross contamination, which is so critical during this time.

Charging and Storage for your Technology

As we have seen with other industries such as healthcare, technology has been put in place to make workplaces better.  However, those on the frontline cannot and must not waste their time managing the technology solutions. This is why the right support structure, such as safe and secure charging and storage solutions, must be a mainstay of the modern classroom.

Regain lost time with PowerGistics.  To see how much time you could potentially save, why not fill out our free audit here.