The Definitive Guide For K-12 Classroom Device Deployment – Chapter Eight

8. Implementation Success

How do you know if your implementation is effective? 

School districts love to collect data to provide information to stakeholders when implementing new initiatives.  The difficult part of collecting qualitative data is that deciding what to measure when implementing a digital community.  It would be like measuring the effectiveness of using a pencil and paper instead of chalk on slates.  Teachers level of confidence and competence with digital tools, platforms and strategies play into how the device is implemented effectively in learning experiences.  Using measures such as tests scores will not provide districts with appropriate evidence to measure success.

Like stated earlier, the Future Ready Schools Framework provides assessments that can measure multiple stakeholders to support the qualitative and quantitative data Districts may consider valuable.

Here  is an implementation guide  and timeline to help support building and analyzing  your digital culture.

Implementation Guidance

This is a reflection tool to support data analysis.  I highly suggest collecting qualitative data as well as quantitative.

Data Analysis Protocol

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