The Definitive Guide For K-12 Classroom Device Deployment – Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The Definitive Guide For K-12 Classroom Device Deployment

By Beth Clarke I Senior Director of Digital Leadership & Learning I CESA #2, Wisconsin

PowerGistics is providing a playbook to support districts and schools implement a plan to build a digital environment.  The amount of digital tools and programs that are available today to support learning needs is exponential.  Teaching learners of these tools and strategies will allow access and engagement in the learning process.   This, my colleagues, ultimately leads to empowered learners!

Author and Introduction

Chapter 1: Leadership

Chapter 2: Equity in Student Access

Chapter 3: Choosing Devices & Deployment Plan

Chapter 4: Technology Classroom Setup

Chapter 5: Managing & Charging Devices

Chapter 6: Classroom Devices during Covid-19

Chapter 7: Classroom Community & Family

Chapter 8: Implementation Success

Conclusion and Resources

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