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PowerGistics Towers FAQ’s

What if I have more than 20 devices?

Check out our page on classroom sets and learn how you can save time by splitting up the location of the devices. Less congestion and traffic means streamlined device deployment. No more waiting in line for your device and fumbling to find it and unplug it. Our Towers make it easy to grab and go!

What if I don’t want a door?

Easy! Our door is removable! See this and some of the other key features here

What if I need the door to swing the other way?

Our doors are removable and actually can fit on either side.

What if I need a padlock conversion?

We have conversion kits available, please mention that when you order.

What if I need to ship out of the US?

Call 844.205.1217 to speak with a member of our friendly sales team, and arrange for delivery outside of the U.S.

What if I received my order and something is broken or missing?

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience.  Please locate your order number and call customer service at  844.205.1217. This must be done within two weeks of receiving your order to assure any damage was done due to shipping. Missing parts we will send as soon as we are notified.

How long are the products under warranty?

All of the Towers we sell carry a lifetime warranty on the hardware and 3 years on the power strip.

Is there enough room behind the Tower for cords and charger bricks?

Yes, there is plenty of room to put as many chargers as shelves as needed in our Towers. See our image galleries for photos of the back wired up.

For more information please contact PowerGistics today by filling out our contact form or by phone! (833) 250-5244