How Long Does an iPad Battery Last Per Charge?

October 14, 2021

When you first purchased your iPad, you most likely noticed the exceptional battery life. This is due to the lithium-ion batteries that Apple uses. Along with offering a faster charging time, these batteries also have a higher power density and last longer than traditional batteries.

Over time, though, the life span of lithium-ion batteries begins to decrease. Discover how long a charge should last and check out a few tips on how you can maintain your device’s battery life.

How Long Should an iPad Battery Charge Last?

Lithium-ion batteries offer the benefit of having no “memory effect.” This means that the battery can be charged at any percentage, will charge quickly and can even be left plugged in overnight.

When it’s fully charged, the iPad battery lifespan can last up to 10 hours. Whether it lasts for 4 or 10 hours, though, depends on several factors. For example, using a resource-intensive app, selecting a bright screen setting and having other apps refreshing or running in the background can cause the battery to drain faster.

One way to see your iPad battery’s life is to check the battery page in your settings. Here, you’ll see the battery health percentage as well as which apps have been using up the most battery.

iPad Battery Charging Best Practices

Whether you rely on your iPad for school, work or personal use, here are a few charging best practices to help you know how to keep the battery healthy:

  • Close background apps, especially ones that use GPS, when you are not using them.
  • Minimize the number of apps that send push notifications.
  • Only turn on Bluetooth when you need to use it.
  • Turn off AirDrop, which can drain your battery even when it’s not actively sending or receiving files.
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of a cellular connection whenever possible.
  • Lower the brightness of your screen. You can also select “Auto-Brightness” so your iPad’s screen adjusts automatically in different environments.

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