How to Improve Classroom Social Distancing

May 6, 2021

In the age of COVID-19 and during cold and flu season, you have to get creative to promote classroom collaboration while remaining at a safe distance. To limit exposure to germs year-round, you can employ different classroom social distancing ideas to enhance your lessons while keeping every student safe.

Change Locations

If your classroom has limited space, consider moving your lesson outside. A change of scenery will make your lessons more exciting in addition to increasing everyone’s safety. An outdoor lesson will also allow students to move more freely while maintaining a safe distance from their peers.

Use Technology

Technology is an important tool to enforce proper social distancing guidelines while maintaining student collaboration, and using it creatively affords some fun classroom social distancing ideas. Downloading different apps will allow your students to work together even in an individual workspace. You can even use different response systems, such as Kahoot or clickers, to create an engaging game.

Create Traffic Patterns

Even after you’ve rearranged the desks in your classroom, it’s still important to indicate safe social distancing guidelines in other areas. Mark the floors with brightly colored tape so your students can navigate the classroom safely after they’ve left their seats. Consider marking the areas around the entrance and in between the desks.

Schedule Virtual Events

Because everyone is trying to maintain a safe distance, many events and activities have transitioned to online formats, which you can use to your advantage. Your students can easily access these events, which can make classroom learning more exciting by adding a real-world connection while showing your students how everyone is adjusting to COVID-19. These virtual events are also a great way to keep students connected during cold and flu season.

Improve Organization

To keep all your students six feet apart, it’s crucial to utilize organization in every form, including splitting your class into groups, reorganizing the furniture and creating schedules. The more organized you are, the easier it will be for your students to stay safe and limit everyone’s exposure.

Promote Social Distancing in the Classroom With Our Charging Towers

When you integrate streamlined charging products from PowerGistics into your classroom, social distancing will become even easier. Our charging stations are compatible with a variety of devices, including Chromebooks, tablets and laptops. With these towers, your students can charge a variety of devices at once, enabling them to get the most out of their technology during COVID-19 and improving overall classroom hygiene by minimizing the spread of germs and seasonal illness.

Our products also promote keeping a safe distance by:

  • Saving space: Due to our charging towers’ unique vertical design, you can charge devices out of the way. Our charging stations can be wall-mounted, stationary or mobile, fulfilling multiple needs.
  • Slowing the spread of germs: Our optional antimicrobial coating will help kill or prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading on the surface of your charging station.
  • Improving organization: Because our charging stations are color-coded and numbered, it’s easy for your classroom to stay organized. This way, your students can retrieve their laptops individually or in specific groups.
  • Limiting cross-contamination:  Since each device has an individual slot, our designs only require your students to handle their device and charging cord. You won’t even have to touch the devices to take inventory because of our clear doors.

To integrate our innovative charging towers into your classroom, get a quote today or learn how much you could save with a free audit.

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