Improve Safety With Individual Devices

January 24, 2022

Do you have individual devices like laptops, tablets or phones that need a central charging station? Mobile device storage and charging carts are your solutions for organizing devices and keeping them safe in one place. Check out how our PowerGistics charging Towers help a police department in Kansas keep their phones charged and organized.

Real-Life Benefits of the PowerGistics TechStation10

The Olathe Police Department in Kansas uses the PowerGistics TechStation10 to organize their nearly 100 phones for optimal efficiency and performance on the job. The rise of COVID-19 and flu season caused a need for individual devices rather than shared tools, leading to an increase in technology and a strain in storage resources that was easily solved with an effortless charging station.

The officers wanted a sturdy and durable phone charging station that would last and take up little space. The PowerGistics TechStation10 was the perfect solution. Each phone charging cart holds 10 devices on individual shelves that can easily be labeled. The Olathe Police Department purchased 10 charging stations to organize their phones, helping them save time and space.

PowerGistics TechStation10 Features

The PowerGistics TechStation10 is a reliable mobile device charging cart suitable for tablets, phones and other handheld devices. When you purchase the TechStation10, you can take advantage of the innovative features the phone charging cart offers, including:


Quick Cable Management: Every TechStation10 shelf has a cord wrap to keep the cords organized and allows for a quick, seamless installation.

USB-Compatible: You can charge any device that uses a USB cord on the TechStation10. It can power your Bluetooth headphones, e-reader and more as long as it’s USB-compatible.

Rapid Charging: The TechStation10 uses rapid charge smart port technology to power your devices quickly.

Sturdy Construction: When you use the TechStation10, you’ll notice how it has a sturdy and lightweight construction. We made it plastic-free, using aircraft-grade aluminum to promote air circulation and prevent devices from overheating.


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