Made in Wisconsin. Keeping it Local.

January 20, 2021

When people see Made in the USA next to a product, they typically think warm, fuzzy thoughts about that product or the process to make it.  With so many goods being made overseas, as a nation we’ve come to appreciate those that are still made here in the USA.  Though we might not know all the reasons why it’s good to purchase American-made, we know there is a general wholesomeness about it.

Keep Jobs Local

Part of that confidence in American made products comes from knowing jobs are kept local.  Manufacturing facilities on our shores employ American workers right here in our country, in small towns and big towns, young workers and old.   These workers have families that benefit in multiple ways from these jobs, from the direct pay to the healthcare and retirement benefits.

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We are all interconnected, and local manufacturing companies can’t survive alone.  They use other companies for their construction, banking, and utilities, to name a few.  This keeps even more jobs in the USA and supports even more families in our communities.

Support for Local Communities

People that have jobs and get paid in the US then turn around and spend money in the US.  They go to get groceries and buy clothes.  These consumers buy gifts and go out to eat at restaurants.  They put gas in their car and go on vacations.   All of these actions support other businesses and other Americans.  Money is staying local and driving the business of other companies.  This creates a healthy community where people want to live, work and play.

Better for the Environment

When goods are manufactured in the US, the process to make those goods is guided by strict environmental regulations.  These regulations are stricter than in other countries.  This means less impact on the environment in the form of air pollution, and soil and water contamination.  In addition, goods made locally don’t have to travel across the ocean to reach their destination.   This means less energy resources used to get them from origin to destination.

Image contains Mobile 16 charging and storage Tower by PowerGistics filled with Chromebooks

PowerGistics is Made in Wisconsin

Text contains Wisconsin. Image contains shape of Wisconsin on a road sign with sky and clouds behind.PowerGistics is a family company, located in the small community of Columbus, WI, just outside of the heart of Badger nation, Madison, WI.  We are proud to be able to say that we still manufacture all of our products only blocks from where our company started 150 years ago.

We hire people from our local community to work in the shop, to oversee clerical work, and to manage our sales and operations.  The design, engineering, manufacturing and packaging of our Towers happens right here in town.  Our products are shipped from Wisconsin, not across an ocean.  This means less environmental impact, and you get the product faster.  We are a Wisconsin company through and through.

We know that to get a true quality product, you have to put your heart into it.  That’s what we do every day. Our team comes to work committed to design and manufacture products that solve problems.  To make life easier for you.

When you buy PowerGistics Towers, we hope you get those warm, fuzzy thoughts, knowing you’re supporting something Made in the USA.

Powergisitcs Made in Wisconsin