How to Maximize the Battery Life of School Devices

June 28, 2022

Many electronic devices used in today’s classrooms use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Finding ways to maximize battery life helps you keep teaching with fewer interruptions, and keeping school devices organized and charged means fewer slowdowns and more learning. With today’s video conferencing and other applications, finding ways to improve battery life is more important than ever before.

How to Save Battery Life

You can save battery life and keep your electronic devices working well with just a few simple tips:

Turn Down Screen Brightness

One of the biggest drains on your battery life is the screen’s brightness, so dimming the display can have a dramatic impact on how long your battery lasts. On some laptops, full brightness can cut battery life by 30%.

Turn Off Keyboard Backlighting

Backlit keyboards look nice and improve visibility in dim settings, but they also put some additional pressure on battery life. On some computers, the backlit keys only drain battery life a bit, but every battery life savings counts over the course of a long school day. Plus, most classrooms are well-lit, so students can see the keys without added light.

Turn Off Unnecessary Connections

Turning off 4G, Bluetooth and even Wi-Fi when you don’t need them will help your battery last longer. You can always switch them back on when you need them again. Close any apps and pages you’re not using. These tend to refresh often, which uses power. Unplug any peripherals, such as a printer or mouse, which also drain the battery.

Stay Up-to-Date

Some updates can help your programs, operating systems and apps run more efficiently. Updates also help keep your system more secure. At the same time, updates are power-intensive, so turn off automatic updates when you’re using your battery and plug devices in to run updates.

Keep It Cool

Extreme temperatures are not great for lithium-ion batteries and heat is especially hard on devices. Keeping your classroom cooler can keep devices safer and batteries optimized.

Check Your Task Manager

Improve battery life by checking your Task Manager to see what applications are running in the background. Shut off the ones you don’t need, but check carefully, since some applications are needed for the proper functioning of your device.

About PowerGistics

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