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Product TechHub6


The TechHub comes with a fully protected, securely mounted powerstrip that is accessible from the side. This new design allows quick access to chargers with a strong aluminum door cover that protects the built-in power supply and unsightly cords in on the side of the desktop unit. Our new TechHub6 allows you to secure devices while still maintaining our signature open concept design. This allows for quick visual inventory, airflow to keep devices cool and wireless updating. With similar cable management and design as the PowerGistics Tower series, you won’t have the tangled mess of cords. TechHub6 can easily be stacked and make use vertical space in the classroom while devices safely lay flat in their natural position, protecting them from spine and cord damage.


Key Features

  • 6 Shelves hold up to 14.6 in devices
  • Quick side access to power bricks
  • Stackable design allows you to add on when needed
  • Lightweight aluminum, yet sturdy
TechHub6. 2018