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Hey teachers!  Here are some resources just for you!

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Best Practices in the classroom. Learn the most loved features and benefits we provide for teachers and students!

(June, 2021, Columbus WI, length 5:18)


Watch how smoothly deployment goes with PowerGistics in this short video. 100% Student Managed!

(June, 2020, Columbus WI, length 0:38)

Easy Deployment



Print out these handy charts to record students’ names and their device shelf assignments!PowerGistics Device Shelf Assignments with Shelf Number and Student Name

One 8 Shelf Tower

Two 8 Shelf Towers

Three 8 Shelf Towers

One 12 Shelf Tower

Two 12 Shelf Towers

One 16 Shelf Tower

Two 16 Shelf Towers

One 20 Shelf Tower

Two 20 Shelf Towers


Blog Articles

Find some of our blogs on teacher-related topics, or go to our Blog Page.

How to Create a Highly Effective Learning Environment

Looking for ways to keep their students engaged? We have compiled resources to help you facilitate learning in an impactful way for your students.


Five Ways Technology Can Improve Your Classroom

Technology has transformed the way we engage with information, so planning lessons around classroom devices can create an immersive experience and help keep students interested.  Learn about some of the main benefits of utilizing technology in the classroom.


What is Blended Learning?

To put it simply, blended learning combines online and face-to-face learning.  Learn more about blended learning and its benefits for students and staff alike.