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Find out how Google saves time with our Towers

laptop storage and charging in the classroom

Switching from a carts to Towers

Students switching from a carts to towers

With Technology developing and advancing year over year, one must wonder why are there not better charging solutions? Guess what? There are! PowerGistics recently visited a 4th-grade teacher who recently upgraded from her cart to PowerGistics Towers and boy did we learn a lot!

Last year Ms. Boos budgeted her students time and included time for deployment and return of devices. Each time she engaged in bringing technology out into the classroom she felt that there must be a better way? All the congestion at the cart, traffic patterns of students to and from the cart looked like an accident waiting to happen. Dropped devices was a norm and typical chatter was disruptive to getting students back into the swing of things.

Our Towers have numbered shelves which help students know exactly which device goes where and it is habit forming for them. Routines are a teacher’s best friend and let me tell you, this routine takes little to no direction after a few runs.

We all know that students don’t always move in the same direction like little toy soldiers as we once dreamed of, that’s not reality.  So what can we do about that? First of all, we can split the number of locations that we store the devices in. Not only does this split the herd so to speak it also creates a more organized deployment. We call it split deployment, each tower provides devices for the students assigned and they are off on their way with a seamless transition saving the teacher time and the students then get to learning faster which provides more educational time.

What else can the Tower help you with? Well, what if you never had to untangle your cords that often resemble Christmas lights in the back of a cart? Our superior cable management system ensures that not only do the students plug the right device into the right cord. It also is able to easily organize the power bricks in the back. Gone are the days of trying to organizing the cables and figure out why one device doesn’t have a power cord to plug into. IT Director’s dream of this cable management as it makes their jobs easier with less cord wear and tear because there is no pulling due to the pinch point cable management on the front as well as the added benefit of tidy cords organized in the back.

Ever wonder why teachers with PowerGistics Towers are so much happier integrating technology in the classroom? Well, our Towers remove some of the most basic issues that stand in your way. Take back your classroom and save time! Find out how much time you can save with a custom deployment Audit. (Don’t worry it’s free and easy)

Does this cart my devices look big? Yes, yes it does. Stop wasting all that classroom space with bulky carts that are larger than you need.  Towers vertical design ensures that your classroom space is utilized in the most efficient way. So whether you need to wheel your devices around and share them with another class or if you don’t need to share check out our Just-a-Stand or mount it on the wall. Some of our customers have been able to utilize facilities funds if they are able to mount their Towers on the wall. Your space is limited, and there are far more important things to fill it! What will you do with all that extra space?

What will you do with all that extra time…just kidding we know you will have no problem filling it. Maybe a bathroom break or a coffee refill. Go on… take your classroom back!

Need a few more reasons?

  • Small vertical footprint
  • Open concept door
  • Wireless updating compatible
  • Cable management by individual device shelf
  • Platform design evolves with your needs
  • Device agnostic
  • Custom colors available
  • Ready to ship
  • Made in the USA
  • No plastic components- Stand up to years of student abuse
  • Protect device spine (lay in natural position)