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PowerGistics Tablet Storage and Charging Solutions

Whether you need storage for laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices, we have your storage and charging solutions.

All our towers have one internal outlet per shelf, so there is no need for a power strip and no confusion as to which cord goes with which device. Device power bricks and cords are neatly protected in the back spine, and a steel door secures the devices with a keyed locking system. You can rest assured that nothing will be stolen.

The color-coded shelves can also be numbered, making it easy for everyone to know where his or her device is at a glance. This helps the teachers or administrators see if someone’s device is missing and figure out whose it is, as well.

Since 1870, our company philosophy has been “do it the right way.” This philosophy is realized in the manufacture of our storage and charging solutions. We make all their components in the United States, and we use military-grade aluminum for its strength and durability. Our lifetime warranty covers the hardware, and a three-year warranty is in effect for the power strip.

Tower bases

Our towers are made to be configured and adaptable to suit your changing needs. We know that device specifications and classroom layouts are always in flux, and we don’t think you should have to find another option or spend a lot of money to accommodate these evolutions.

That’s why we make it easy to convert a tower from a wall-mounted unit to a rolling or freestanding one. Our Just-A-Stand tower base enables you to erect your tower on a sturdy, four-legged cart, and there are designs that can accommodate all towers.

If you prefer a mobile unit, our Roller cart can be used with any tower except the Tower20 and the Tower20PLUS. The cart’s front wheels have full swivel capabilities, meaning that moving your tower to a different corner or another room is a breeze. You can also swap out shelves to fit larger or smaller devices, as technology advances dictate.

Classroom sets

Our towers can be arranged in a number of ways. If you need to store and charge 20 devices in your classroom, you could purchase a Tower20, or you could opt for one Tower8 and one Tower 12. By configuring your towers this way, you can save space and time in your already crowded room. One tower can be mounted to the wall and another in a freestanding cart. Plus, the students won’t have to wait in a long line to retrieve their devices in the morning or return them in the afternoon. It’s also less likely that any devices will be dropped before they can be placed safely back in the tower.

Our online sorting tool can help you determine the best solution for you. We also have deployment specialists who are always happy to provide advice.

When you’re ready to place your order, call (844) 205-1217.