The Definitive Guide For K-12 Classroom Device Deployment – Author and Introduction

About the author

Beth is passionate about educational innovation and transformation to impact learners’ love for curiosity and wonderment.  She creates dynamic learning experiences for educators of all levels to activate possibilities to meet the needs of all of their learners.

Beth has been in the field of educational technology for over 20 years, modeling digital integration with purpose and passion.  Currently, she empowers a team to support regional digital needs in WI, as well as leads the ISTE Certification program that is delivered world-wide.

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Our learners are changing in conjunction with their ever-changing environment.  Hence, the role of the educator must be as fluid to meet the needs of their learners.

We have seen a shift in education to digital learning, not necessarily because we wanted to, but because we had to. This brings a window of opportunity to move away from what was “normal” to a new dimension of learning. Some traditional learning will come along, AND in addition, students will have more choice in how, when, and where they want to learn. Equitable access to digital devices, internet, and trained educators is more important than ever. Systems of support are essential for all learning environments to ensure the optimal conditions for each learner. This playbook will assist in setting up those support systems.

One thing we know for certain –  we can emPower all learners together.


PowerGistics Philosophy

Our mission is to enhance the learning environment. We believe that access to classroom technology should be effortless for students and teachers. When you remove the physical barrier of accessing technology in a classroom, when you eliminate the logistical risk of uncharged, damaged or missing laptops, classroom technology ceases to be just a resource; rather, classroom devices transform into a powerful, personal education tool for every student.

We’re not just another cart or charging solution.
We’re PowerGistics.

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