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PowerGistics came about as a response to satisfy a need. An IT director of a school in south central Wisconsin needed a device charging unit that took up minimal space and could organize the charging cables. When he found nothing on the market, he approached the owner of G.D. Roberts. Nathan Roberts came up with an innovative and modern design that would fulfill the request of the IT director. From there, the PowerGistics Tower was born and has since gained worldwide recognition. PowerGistics proudly designs, engineers, and manufactures portable device charging and storage solutions in Columbus, Wisconsin. Since our start, we have been solving complex problems with simple solutions. We believe in providing products that make life easier and help solve problems.


We are a 5th Generation Family-Owned Business.

G.D. Roberts

Our parent company, G.D. Roberts & Co., Inc. was established as a blacksmith shop in 1870 in Columbus, Wisconsin.

We're Growing!

We have grown from 10 employees to over 100 in a just over decade, and provide jobs for 98 households in the community.


We recently celebrated 150 Years as a family-owned company, right here in south central Wisconsin.

Learn more about our parent company G.D. Roberts & Co., Inc.