How Long Does a Laptop Battery Last Per Charge?

September 16, 2021

When students sit down to work on an unplugged laptop, they need to know how long they can use it before they have to plug it back into the socket. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. How long a laptop battery charge lasts depends on many factors, including:

  • The brand of laptop.
  • The age of the battery.
  • The capacity of the battery.
  • What tasks you’re performing on the laptop.
  • Screen brightness.
  • Online media consumption.

The more windows you have open on your laptop, the less efficient it becomes. If you want to extend laptop battery length, close a few programs. It takes more juice for the laptop to keep these programs running. Similarly, if you stream a video, you will use more battery power than writing a paper for school.

What Is the Average Laptop Battery Life?

The average battery life could be anywhere from an hour to 10 hours. The older the laptop is, the less battery power it has and the faster it loses power. Batteries also function less efficiently in extreme temperatures. Removing the battery when the laptop will be in disuse for a long time can lengthen battery life.

How Long Can a Laptop Battery Last Without Charging?

Your laptop will function until you fall to 0% power. Should you let the battery run down all the way? If the laptop has a lithium-ion battery, charge it when you get below 20%, and take the battery out once it has reached 100%. Older batteries may benefit from complete battery discharge occasionally.

How Long Should New Laptop Batteries Last?

New laptop batteries last longer than old ones. As a battery ages, its capacity drops, and that leads to shorter battery life. Your battery life depends on what type you buy, but most batteries last two to four years. The more you use the laptop, the shorter its life will be.

Charging Solutions for Classroom Laptops

No matter how powerful a laptop battery may be, it won’t last forever without a charge. Waiting for devices to charge becomes disruptive to the classroom. You need charging solutions for the classroom that ensure your laptops are ready for students to use when they need them.

PowerGistics offers charging solutions that last. Our stations have cords attached to each shelf to keep your setup tidy and free from snarls. Learn more about our solutions by requesting information on pricing or getting a demo.

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