The Smart Alternative to the Charging Cart.

Small Vertical Footprint Is only 11.25" wide

Two Towers take up less than half of the square footage of a single cart.

Maintenance Free Cable Management

Perfected cable management provides quick device return and retrieval. IT staff won’t have to waste time rewiring again.

Versatile Mounting Options:

Wall mount, stands, or rollers are designed specifically to evolve to your future deployment needs.

Proven Results

For your Classrooms

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The SMARTER Alternative To The Charging Cart.

*Antimicrobial agents kill or slow growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew. Antimicrobial coating available as an option with all Towers. ** Savings calculation based on accumulated time gained and used for productivity, rather than device deployment.

Charging and Storage Solutions for Every Device in Your School

Keeping devices in order throughout the chaos of a school day can be challenging. Devices can get lost, and cords can get tangled. Plus, you may find the devices that were once supposed to aid the education process are causing more work.

But keeping these devices charged and organized is easier than you might think — you just have to find the right product for the job. PowerGistics has the perfect solution — modern, mobile charging carts for schools. With an accessible design paired with transparent doors to let you see all your devices at once, these classroom charging stations will make device handling a stress-free experience.

Charging and Storage for Classroom Laptops

Laptops can offer accessible ways for students to learn. They let learners take some control over their education by exploring and researching numerous topics. Technology has become a staple of the classroom, and individual devices are becoming more and more common. To align with this trend, it’s important to find quality laptop charging carts for your school.

PowerGistics has a range of diverse products to choose from, with various amounts of shelves and storage space. You can choose a stationary laptop charging station for your classroom, or you could get a mobile cart you can wheel around from one area to another. Whatever your storage needs are, PowerGistics has the product for you. With laptop carts for your school, you can promote organization and efficiency to make your day run smoothly.

Charging and Storage for Classroom Chromebooks

As the learning experience continues utilizing technology, more schools are beginning to use Chromebooks. They’re durable and easy to use and create another fun way for students to learn. But at the end of the day, students rush to gather up their things, and storing and plugging their Chromebooks in to charge often falls to the bottom of the priority list. In the chaos of trying to put devices away, cords can get tangled and Chromebooks could be misplaced or even damaged.

Chromebook storage for classrooms is crucial — it extends the life of your devices and ensures students can easily find their Chromebooks the next day. PowerGistics gives you the ideal Chromebook charging station for your classroom.

Choose from any of our products for charging and storing Chromebooks depending on your storage needs and enjoy the easy design of PowerGistics solutions.

Charging and Storage for Classroom Tablets

Innovative new learning methods are entering schools, and tools like tablets are becoming the new chalkboards of the classroom. With this “chalkboard,” every student has a way to contribute and explore, creating an even more engaging, enriching experience. To protect this tool, you can invest in a storage cart — which is something PowerGistics can help you with.

You can choose from various storage solutions and designs, and you can even personalize your station with your school colors. Customize your charging station with our School Spirit Series, a fun and unique way to align a great product with your school’s branding. You can wall-mount the Tower, make it free-standing by adding a Stand, or make it mobile by adding a Roller.   All charging stations also come with an antimicrobial paint coating for protection against germs.

Charging and Storage for Classroom iPads

Students can learn in new and appealing ways with iPads. With their easy handling capabilities and touch screens, iPads can easily hold a student’s attention, giving teachers an innovative way to teach class material. iPads are awesome tools to have, but if you have one for every student, organizing them and ensuring each one is safe can be a tall task. Stacking up iPads can lead to mismanagement and damage.

PowerGistics offers central iPad storage for classrooms, creating a way for teachers to track these devices and ensure they’re safe at all times. The Core12 is a wall-mounted storage station with 12 shelves that can store your iPads. This Tower also comes with an adjustable TechStop, which keeps devices at the front of the shelf so that students can have easy access.

You can place two Towers on either side of the classroom to avoid congestion. With these iPad charging stations for your classroom, you can create a more organized and efficient environment.

Charging and Storage for Classroom Mobile Devices

PowerGistics has you covered for all your mobile devices. The TechStation10 can charge and store tablets and mobile devices, along with almost anything else that can plug into a USB port. TechStation10 provides wireless updating so that your class won’t become derailed by pending updates. The design for our mobile device charging carts for schools also features a plastic-free aluminum construction, which crafts an open-air, circulating environment that helps extend the life of your devices.

You can also add attachments to your charging station to make it more versatile. Integrate stands for more support and rollers to transform your station into a mobile cart that you can wheel to various areas and classrooms. For added security, a rear door for the Stands and Rollers encloses power bricks and USB cables in the tower. Whether you’re looking for functionality, safety or security, PowerGistics has something for you.

Why Do Schools Choose PowerGistics?

PowerGistics aligns with all the goals of a successful classroom. Blending efficiency and modern design, our products bring many benefits, including:

Find Your PowerGistics Charging Station Today

With all their benefits, our charging stations can make your classroom run smoothly. They bring organization and efficiency to your environment and encourage school spirit with customized colors. We’re your answer for Chromebook, laptop, tablet and iPad carts for schools.

Browse through our wide selection of solutions and find the perfect product for your school. Request a quote today!


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