The Smart Alternative to the Charging Cart.

Small Vertical Footprint Is only 11.25" wide

Two Towers take up less than half of the square footage of a single cart.

Maintenance Free Cable Management

Perfected cable management provides quick device return and retrieval. IT staff won’t have to waste time rewiring again.

Versatile Mounting Options:

Wall mount, stands, or rollers are designed specifically to evolve to your future deployment needs.

Proven Results

For your Classrooms

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The SMARTER Alternative To The Charging Cart.

*Antimicrobial agents kill or slow growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew. Antimicrobial coating available as an option with all Towers. ** Savings calculation based on accumulated time gained and used for productivity, rather than device deployment.

Classroom Charging Stations for Every Ed-Tech Device

Education technology (ed-tech) has undoubtedly changed how your district delivers learning opportunities. The conveniences and advantages these devices offer come with some frustrations for your educators, students and IT teams, especially when it comes to managing and charging the tech.

At PowerGistics, we craft innovative charging solutions that support learning by eliminating common challenges like:

Explore Our Robust Charging Towers for Education

PowerGistics offers various classroom charging stations and configurations to meet your campus’s needs.

Core16 USB

The Core16 USB Tower is among our most compact designs — two take up less than half the square footage of a traditional charging cart. It’s also incredibly versatile. You can easily mount it to a wall or pair it with a stand or mobile roller.

Each Tower offers powerful USB-A to USB-C connectors for fast charging and easy management by students. Your IT staff will appreciate our quick setup and maintenance-free design. They can cable the Towers in less than 10 minutes while knowing your district is keeping pace with future tech changes.

Additional features include:

For faster charging, the Core16 standard power has the same features as the Core 16 USB but with a 16 standard outlet power strip.  Both models of the Core charging Tower are available in both a 12-shelf or 20-shelf option.

Flex20 Bolt

The Flex20 Bolt Tower is one of our most popular solutions for reduced charging time and a small footprint. It simultaneously powers up to 20 devices with ultra-fast USB-C to USB-C charging — all in a unit just 17.4 inches wide and 44.25 inches tall (112.4 centimeters by 44.2 centimeters).

Mount these to the wall or use them with the Flex Roller for a deployment style that meets your classroom’s evolving needs. Our forward-thinking design allows controlled access to the cords through a lockable side door that protects cables and the primary power strip from unauthorized handling.

Other valuable Flex20 Bolt features include:

TableTower8 USB Locking

PowerGistics’ TableTower8 USB Locking Tower is ideal for secure desktop charging. It sits at just 21 inches high and 10 inches wide, with a depth of 17.5 inches to accommodate Chromebooks, laptops and tablets. The compact size also makes it perfect for housing backup devices for IT room and library use.

Each TableTower8 has eight horizontal shelves that make responsible management and quick access easy for students. We include eight USB-C-style cables for a full charge in just five to seven hours. The 10-port USB-A power strip allows for two extra device connections for more convenience. A locking front door helps ensure device security when units are no longer in use.

Additional TableTower8 USB Locking Tower features include:

The TableTower8 is also available in a barrier-free option with no locking door for quick access to devices. For faster charging, the TableTower8 is also available with a standard outlet power strip.

Time Machine

The Time Machine is a streamlined approach to classroom charging and loaner devices that keeps your educators prepared for student forgetfulness.

This compact, free-standing cabinet features two horizontal shelves ideal for holding extra laptops, tablets or Chromebooks. A specially designed area above stores four included power banks for in-class recharging. These charge overnight to help keep lessons on schedule. Each power bank features our slide-stop bands to prevent the banks from falling and sliding off students’ desks during use. Store extra cables in the roomy compartment at the back and lock the front for security when the learning’s through.

The Time Machine deploys in just moments and promotes effective cable management, eliminating frayed wires. Our advanced design has an eight-port USB-A power strip and six USB-A to USB-C cables. We also include four USB-C to USB-C cables for quicker charging when educators need it most. The top panel locks to control access to the power strip, cords and power banks.

Additional features include:

Why Partner With PowerGistics for Classroom Charging Solutions?

PowerGistics’ Towers are a result of direct collaboration with a frustrated school district IT director. This close partnership gave us a deep understanding of the issues students, teachers, administrators and technology teams face with ed-tech management. Our innovative approaches to solving these challenges deliver value in multiple ways.

Goal-Focused Design

We’ve crafted each classroom charging station with a focus on your district’s goals — instruction time savings, a frustration-free experience and budget-friendliness.

Our Towers enable hands-off device management for teachers by allowing students to take over the task. This approach promotes accountability and keeps lessons running smoothly. The pre-wired solutions also eliminate guessing which cord matches which device to save even more time.

USB-C style connectors and lay-flat shelves support a hassle-free student experience and a lighter workload for IT departments. There are fewer damaged ports and cables to repair since the plug easily inserts in either direction. Horizontal device orientation encourages two-hand retrieval and returns to help prevent drops and spine damage. Quick deployment and maintenance-free cable management also free up your IT team to concentrate on other key responsibilities.

With a PowerGistics charging station for classroom use, administrators and school boards can cost-effectively provide enriching and engaging learning experiences. Our adjustable TechStop limiters meet device size needs now and in the future. Simply move the limiter to a new position if your ed-tech choices change. Plus, there’s no need to purchase extra power bricks and bulky carts that need to be rewired every few years, which can save your district thousands across its footprint.

Exceptional Quality

All Towers feature sturdy aluminum construction designed and built for long-lasting use. We manufacture them under rigid quality standards in our Wisconsin-based facility. Our family-owned company believes so strongly in the quality of our Towers that we back them with a lifetime warranty for extended peace of mind.

High Customizability

PowerGistics prides itself on having the right solution to meet any school charging station need. We offer numerous styles, shelf counts and installation methods for complete versatility. Our team can further tailor your Towers with options like custom colors that showcase your school spirit and make it even easier for students to identify their assigned shelves.

Power Your Learning Environment With PowerGistics

PowerGistics solves the pain points of outdated approaches to classroom device charging, storage and management. Our Towers and desktop solutions keep ed-tech organized and ready for learning while providing a tangible return on investment.

Browse our entire lineup of classroom charging stations to find the ideal models for your district, then request a personalized quote online. You can also contact us with questions or for ordering advice.

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