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Technology is as important as ever today, and businesses rely on it for efficiency throughout the day. Tablets are an innovative technology that lets you access information, communicate and execute many different tasks with the swipe of a finger. This is a powerful, convenient device to have, and you’ll want to find ways to protect your tablets and extend their longevity.

One of the significant reasons tablets are lost or broken is because businesses and individuals lack the proper storage. Without a centralized charging place, people will often leave tablets wherever they see fit. Tablets may die unexpectedly, get buried beneath papers or folders or get left in a spot where they could be damaged.

PowerGistics has a solution that solves all of this. We’ve created tablet charging carts with sleek, elegant designs that make storing and charging your tablets and iPads as simple as possible. No dangling cords and no lost devices — just a central storage place built for simple functionality. PowerGistics charging carts work for a variety of industries, including:

Whatever industry you’re in, you can benefit by investing in a PowerGistics iPad charging station. Your last step will be finding the right product for you. PowerGistics offers a variety of different products, all suited for tablets. From differences in storage space to portability, you can pick a unique product for your situation and goals.


The PowerGistics Core series is versatile, offering a wide range of storage space options for your tablets. Starting with the 8-shelf Core8, you can increase your storage up to the Core20. The shelves fit tablets up to 14.8 inches:

These products also come with an innovative TechStop limiter which keeps tablets at the front of the shelf, so they’re always within easy access, and you don’t have to reach into the charging carts to find your device. There are also USB versions of Core that include USB cords with the shelf, creating an even more versatile plug-in option for your devices.


The Grab&Go product line is a great option for those who emphasize convenience and speed above all else. You have the option to remove the door on the cart altogether and create barrier-free access to your tablets. The Grab&Go also comes in various storage options, including:


The Tower16 has 16 shelves of storage that can fit tablets up to 11.6 inches. The shelves are wall-mounted and built in a vertical design that saves space without sacrificing storage. With its flexible design, you can wall mount the Tower16, place on a stand to be stationary or add wheels to roll the Tower wherever you see fit.


The TechHub6 is a compact storage option with a keyed lock for extra safety. The TechHub6 fits devices up to 14.8 inches, making it a perfect option for your tablets or iPads. Its open-door concept lets you ensure devices are all there with the added safety of a door with a locking system to keep tablets protected.


With the TechStation10, you can charge up to 10 tablets at a time. This storage option is compatible with Android, Apple and other devices and is a handy option for essentially any device with a USB connection. Rapidly charge your devices with the TechStation10 and marvel at its clean, elegant appearance — free from any dangling cords.

Why PowerGistics?

PowerGistics products save you the time and effort of untangling loose cords and replacing broken or dead devices. A PowerGistics tablet storage station gives you even more benefits, including:

A powergistics tablet storage station gives you convenience, efficiency, and safety

Shop Storage and Charging Solutions at PowerGistics

PowerGistics products take up minimal space and provide impactful charging solutions for your organization’s tablets. Whether you’re running an office, school or healthcare facility, PowerGistics has the solution you need to keep your tablets safe and working effectively. Investing in a PowerGistics product means investing in a bright future for your business.

Browse our selection and find the product that fits your needs. Shop PowerGistics today!

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