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Tower Series Overview Videos

(Various locations and dates)

At PowerGistics we build simple, smart systems for storing and charging Chromebooks, laptops, iPads and tablets. PowerGistics wall towers solve cord management issues allowing them to be 100% student managed. The open design keeps devices organized, compact, and easy-to-access with an open concept so each stored device can quickly and easily be inventoried and cataloged.

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Tower Series Install Videos

(Columbus, Wisconsin, 2021)

Wade Rhodes O.M. from PowerGistics shows you how to install our new Core Tower Series for charging Chromebooks, laptops and tablets.

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(Various locations 2021) (Various Lengths)

See what IT Directors and teachers are saying about our Towers. 

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Cable Management

(Columbus, Wisconsin 2020) Length 1:13

Cable management expert Christine Nelson gives you a look at one of our best features built into every PowerGistics product we make. Let PowerGistics take the tangle out of your cable management.

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Join Christine on a deep dive of all the ways PowerGistics Towers solve the headaches of the traditional classroom charging cart.

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PowerGistics Made in the USA

(Columbus, Wisconsin 2021) various Lengths

When we say Made in Wisconsin we mean it.

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