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Storage and Charging Solutions for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are becoming more prevalent in organizations spanning education, healthcare, government and business. They’re small, lightweight and easy to use. Though they don’t have the bulkiness of a standard laptop, they’re sturdier and more functional than a tablet or phone. These laptops are the middle ground between devices, offering an innovative option for administrators and executives. They act as a tool for communication, research and much more.

Because of their unique size, Chromebooks also sometimes encounter certain problems — mainly with storage. They’re small and portable, which means they can be easy to lose under stacks of notebooks or folders. In the rush at the end of the day, people can leave Chromebooks out and forget to plug them in to charge. The next day, these devices are rendered useless until they’re powered back up or discovered under a pile of papers.

All this time charging and searching wastes precious time that could be spent doing actual work. But how can you fix this?

PowerGistics has the answer. Offering a vast selection of Chromebook charging carts, we’ve fashioned unique storage options that are simple to use. No untangling cords, no searching for dead Chromebooks — just plug the device in at the end of the day and you’re good to go the next day. These backup Chromebook charging stations can come with stands or rollers so you can station them wherever is most convenient, or you could buy two or three and station them around your building to reduce traffic.

PowerGistics Chromebook charging cabinets work in a variety of organizations, including:

PowerGistics Chromebook charging stations are perfect in a wide array of industries, and they also have various product lines to offer customers based on their unique preferences.


The Core series is a great option for your Chromebook storage and charging needs. With storage space ranging from eight to 20 shelves, you have a wide selection to browse, and each one comes built with a sleek vertical construction so that it doesn’t take up too much space. The shelves are wall-mounted with the added option to attach rollers or stands.


The Core series offers numerous benefits, including:

The Core series also features a USB option for added versatility.


The Grab&Go is another device charging station with storage options spanning eight to 20 shelves, along with a USB option. With this product, you’re able to remove the door entirely to allow for easy retrieval of your Chromebooks. It also comes with the innovative TechStop, which keeps devices at the front of the shelves. Grab&Go is the perfect choice for those emphasizing convenience and accessibility.


The Tower16 gives you 16 shelves of Chromebook storage. With its unique colors, the Tower16 also lets you identify Chromebooks by team. Or, you can customize the colors to make them unique to your organization. Make your storage station match your school colors or align it with your brand’s image. The Tower also comes with a see-through door, so all you have to do is glance at your charging station to ensure your devices are safe.


The Stand8 is made with solid steel construction and angled legs for added support. Its locking rear door will keep your Chromebooks safe and protected. The Stand comes in multiple storage options:


While mounting Towers to your wall saves space, you’ll likely need for your Chromebook charging cart to be mobile every so often. Our Roller attachments feature locking front wheels, brackets for wrapping the cords and a rear door with a lock. We offer two types of Rollers to accommodate the following Towers:


The TechHub6 will hold Chromebooks up to 14.8 inches wide. The TechHub will give you many benefits, including:

Desktop Charging Stations

In some cases, you may not need the storage and charging capacities of our bigger Towers. For example, you may have a small number of devices or your devices are smaller, like cell phones. Save even more space with our desktop charging stations, including the:

Why PowerGistics?

One of the main goals of a school, a business or a healthcare facility is to make sure things are running smoothly. You have to increase productivity, save money and make sure you’re crafting strategies that help your students or employees.

A great way to ensure success is to invest in the devices that your organization uses so frequently. A dead or broken Chromebook means you’re losing time and money. As a solution, you can choose the innovative and effective solution to charging and storing Chromebooks — you can choose PowerGistics.

PowerGistics gives you convenience — with rollers or multiple stations, you can place storage cabinets wherever is easiest and emphasize convenience and simplicity. Our open designs and keyed locks give you extra security, and antimicrobial powder coating creates an added level of safety. Vertical designs mean you won’t be taking up much space, but you’ll still have plenty of room for your Chromebooks.

Investing in PowerGistics means investing in the future of your organization. Shop our products today!

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