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Maintenance-free Cable Management

The Cable Management of PowerGistics Towers and desktops is the most INTUITIVE you’ve seen.  The intelligent design eliminates cords from becoming tangled and creates a 100% student-managed system, saving teachers time.

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CORE SERIES TechStop Installation

The new Core Tower Series features the TechStop, an insert that allows you to adjust the depth of the shelves, so devices fit just right. The three positions for the TechStop:
Removal of TechStop for devices up to 14.8” /  TechStop in second slot for devices up to 11.25”
TechStop in first slot for devices up to 10.25”

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The Power to Perform with USB

USB cables INCLUDED with Towers Use the power bricks that come with devices to send home with students for remote school days or evening homework. Save money by not buying second power bricks.

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Show your school spirit with custom colors! What a great way to personalize your Towers

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The Power to Perform Safely

At PowerGistics, we understand that safety and health are important.  We have designed a solution to store and charge your devices so that you can feel confident students and teachers are safe.  And now, we’ve added an antimicrobial coating for even greater protection.

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Split Deployment for Maximized Time Savings

For optimal time savings, we recommend multiple Towers per classroom to split up deployment stations.

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