PowerGistics Mobile Device and Chromebook Charging Towers

Image contains a USB PDU with USB cables hooked into it. The back of a PowerGistics charging Tower for laptops, Chromebooks and laptops.

Image shows a USB cable from PowerGistics connected to a laptop.

The Power to Perform with USB

USB cables INCLUDED with Core USB Towers Use the power bricks that come with devices to send home with students for remote school days or evening homework. Save money by not buying second power bricks.

Savings for today and tomorrow

Image shows USB cables with the PowerGistics logo.

Rather than a standard power strip in the rear of the tower, this Series has a USB-A power strip. Use device power bricks for remote learning $33 x 20 power bricks = $660 saved

“ The Racine Unified School board was informed… of the purchase of 6,000 charging cords at a total cost of about $198,000.”
The Journal Times, Technology and Education May 6th, 2020 – Caitlin Sievers

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image contains 3 Powergistics charging Towers for laptops, tablets and Chromebooks. A Mobile Tower16, a wall mounted Tower20 and a free-standing Tower8.

Quick Setup and Maintenance Free

From box to deployment in 10 minutes
Use the included USB-A to USB-C 2.0 cables to wire our Towers once and enjoy maintenance-free cable management for your full device life cycle – or longer.

Standard Outlet Charging
PowerGistics Towers charge all devices simultaneously, from a standard outlet.


Antimicrobial coating standard with Core Tower Series
Student-Managed Single-Touch deployment
Social Distance deployment without losing teaching time


Matches today’s and tomorrow’s ever-changing device deployment needs.

Core Towers are available in 8, 12, 16 or 20 shelf options.
Towers can be wall-mounted,  free-standing with Stand attachment, or mobile with the Roller attachment.

PowerGistics enhances your device deployment with the needed flexibility to evolve with today’s ever-changing educational environment.


Core8 USB  Core12 USB  Core16 USB  Core20 USB

Downloadable PDF on USB Towers


Tech Specs
Each port has a current up to 2.1 amps for sleep and charge. Ideal for Chromebooks, tablets and other devices with a maximum power supply of 45W or less.

Average time to charge
11” Chromebook from 0% battery to 100% = 5 hours. Built-in surge protector prevents devices from damage by volt spikes. Input 100-250VAC  Output 5V 2.1A each port
Certifications UL 60590 • ETL C-ETL 5003979

USB Power Strip Protection
The individual ports in the USB power strips used in PowerGistics Towers cycle on and off under thermal overload.  This simply means that if the port becomes too hot, it will cycle off until cool enough to resume.

This is accompanied by a built-in surge protector that prevents devices from being damaged by voltage spikes.

A Note about Smart/Cycle/Intelligent Charging
Why pay extra for unneeded bells and whistles?  Smart Power Management is really only needed while attempting to charge too many higher current devices that can overload your electrical circuit.

PowerGistics Towers charge all devices simultaneously from a standard outlet.  No need to worry about this affecting the device battery.  Modern devices already have built-in software that regulates charging to ensure devices are not overcharged.  As PC Magazine explains, “The one thing all the experts agree upon is that smartphones are smart enough that they do not let an overload happen.  Extra protection chips inside make sure that can’t happen in a tablet or smartphone, or even a laptop.  Once the internal Lithium-ion battery hits 100 percent of its capacity, charging stops.”

Remember that “smart” doesn’t always mean superior.