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The calculations above are based off the assumptions that there are 180 school days in a year and that a classroom saves 5 minutes of instructional time per a deployment.

The Smart Alternative to the Charging Cart.

Small Vertical Footprint One Tower is only 11.25"

Two Towers take up less than half of the square footage of a single cart.

Maintenance Free Cable Management

Perfected cable management provides quick device return and retrieval. IT staff won’t have to waste time rewiring again.

Versatile Mounting Options:

Wall mount, stands, or rollers are designed specifically to evolve to your future deployment needs.


Krisi Harwood — Library and Technology Coordinator
Lenora Large — 8th Grade Teacher
Jennifer Bailey — Library/Media Specialist


PowerGistics aligns with all the goals of a successful classroom. Blending efficiency and modern design, our products bring many benefits, including:

  • Organization: Other bulkier carts come with the same old organization problems – twisted cords, jumbled piles and general clutter. But our design cuts right through that, giving each device its own shelf. The cords each have a separate channel and are placed with the perfect cord length right at the front for easy plug-in, while our unique TechStop keeps devices at the front of each shelf, readily accessible for all students.
  • Versatility: With choices in shelf number, mounting style, color, and USB or standard power strip, PowerGistics charging stations are designed to accommodate your needs now and into the future.  The TechStop on the Core and Grab&Go Series provides a perfect fit for devices even if you change device type in the future.  More flexibility is provided with the ability to change the mounting style if you should choose.
  • Safety: We create our solutions with safety in mind. Using what we call split deployment, multiple Towers in your classroom will eliminate crowding and the pushing and shoving that may accompany having a larger cart in one area. Along with this, our storage stations also come standard with an antimicrobial coating, which fights germs and diseases.
  • Quality: We make our products with care and an eye for quality. From our sleek, modern design to the small safety details like an asymmetric door and keyed locks, you can tell these products are top quality. Undoubtedly, these iPad charging stations for schools will last a long time and help your devices last longer, too.


With all their benefits, our charging stations can make your classroom run smoothly. They bring organization and efficiency to your environment and encourage school spirit with customized colors. We’re your answer for Chromebook, laptop, tablet and iPad carts for schools.

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