PowerGistics 20 shelf Tower with antimicrobial paint

The Power to Perform Safely

At PowerGistics, we understand that safety and health are important.  We have designed a solution to store and charge your devices so that you can feel confident students and teachers are safe.  And now, we’ve added an antimicrobial coating for even greater protection.

Antimicrobial Paint Coatinggreen shield and coronavirus cell. text contains antimicrobial coating

The antimicrobial coating is available as an option with all Towers.

The antimicrobial powder coated paint uses a silver-ion additive that kills and disrupts the growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Silver-ion technology works by destroying the cell wall in microorganisms that come into contact with it, while remaining entirely safe for humans.

While it cannot guarantee to kill all microorganisms, it’s designed to interrupt their growth and spread.  This gives an extra layer of protection against spreading common germs.

Antimicrobial Custom School Spirit colors
are available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White
(the shades on our standard Towers).

Cleaning caddy to store wipes.

Read More about the Benefits of Antimicrobial Coatings.

Optional Cleaning Caddy Accessory

This add-on optional accessory hangs on the side of the Tower and easily fits a standard sanitizing wipes container, or a large hand sanitizer pump.


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UV Charging Carts


How our Towers Increase Safety in the classroom:

Open Tower Design allows Natural Air Flow
With increased ventilation, microorganisms are not trapped in the Towers, helping to minimize colony growth and disperse germs.

No Touch Device Deployment for Teachers
Since the teacher can visually inventory the devices because of the open door concept, their only role is to lock and unlock PowerGistics Towers

Single Touch Device Deployment for Students
With a dedicated shelf for every student, they only touch the power cable when retrieving and returning their device during the school day. There is no need to touch the charging Tower.

No Traffic-Jam DeploymentUSB power cords with PowerGistics logo on them.
If the class is larger, placing two Towers on opposite sides of the room creates natural social distance and speeds up deployment time. Students can retrieve their device by color group, allowing small groups of 2-5 to collect their device easily.

USB Tower Series Includes the USB-C Cables
Save the power bricks that come with your devices to send home with students in case of school closures. Wire our Towers once and enjoy maintenance free cable management for your full device life cycle – or longer.

Three storage and charging towers with antimicrobial paint. Free standing, wall mounted, mobile.


Matches today’s and tomorrow’s ever-changing device deployment needs. Towers can be Wall mounted, Just a Stand or Rolling Stand.

There’s never been a safer way to store, charge and deploy your classroom devices.

Real benefits for Administration

Teachers love the zero class time to deploy devices

IT Staff enjoy the maintenance free management of TOWERS

Everyone needs device readiness and security

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