The Easiest Way for Schools to Store and Charge Laptops and Tablets

September 14, 2021

Table Of Contents:

  1. What’s Most Important in Classroom Device Storage and Charging?
  2. How Our Solutions Address Common Storage and Charging Issues
  3. Optimize Classroom Storage and Charging With PowerGistics

Many school systems across the country provide laptops for students, and many also have tablets for students or the classroom. Using this technology opens up a world of new opportunities for kids and teachers alike. This opportunity can also present logistical challenges. Keeping laptops appropriately stored and fully charged is a daily obstacle for educators.

Knowing how to store laptops in school and having the resources to do so can extend the life of the system. A well-cared-for device will last longer, whereas those stored haphazardly could fall, get stepped on and break. Luckily, by employing the right solutions from PowerGistics, you can maintain the quality and usability of your devices, making the most of your school’s investment.

What’s Most Important in Classroom Device Storage and Charging?

Figuring out where to store laptops in school presents a challenge because classroom space is limited. An exemplary storage solution won’t interrupt the classroom flow and is easy to use when needed. Choose a product that keeps all the devices together, as separating them can lead to confusion.

Practical solutions will also ensure kids have the correct device. Especially among younger children, assigning personal devices to students can become a concern. When choosing a storage solution for classrooms for younger children, you need intuitive equipment. It should be evident to kids where to put their device when they finish using it, so teachers can make sure everything has been put away correctly at a glance.

How Our Solutions Address Common Storage and Charging Issues

When we developed our solutions, we looked at the most significant challenges for keeping laptops and tablets organized and charged, and we addressed each one individually. Here’s how our products encourage:

  • Organization: With PowerGistics’ numbered shelves, you can assign a device and shelf to each student.
  • Cord management: We attach chargers to each shelf, so each device has its own cord.
  • Space: We create vertical storage for maximum space-saving in compact classrooms.
  • Versatility: Whether you have larger devices, such as laptops, or smaller ones, like tablets, you can adjust them, keeping smaller-sized devices from falling to the back of the shelf.

Optimize Classroom Storage and Charging With PowerGistics

We have adjustable options to allow you the flexibility you desire with your storage, as well as a range of products that you can order in your school colors.

PowerGistics focuses on solving your classroom tablet and laptop storage issues with our series of intuitive products. Contact us to discuss our pricing options or request a demo.

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