The New Core Series

What’s New & Different?

While most features of the Core Series and Tower Series are the same, the Core Series features:



NEW with the Core Series  – 

The adjustable TechStop keeps devices at the front of the shelf, making it easier for users of all ages to plug in or unplug devices. Insert the TechStop into the appropriate slot for your device sizes, or remove altogether for larger laptops.

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Placement Options and Installation



Antimicrobial Paint Included

NEW with the Core Series  –

The Core series Towers come standard with an antimicrobial paint coating.

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Antimicrobial Paint Coatings




New Door Lock with Different Keys

The Tower Series Lock and Keys –

The chrome keys for the Tower Series are universal for this Series.

The lock on the Tower Series is designed so that the lock core is built into the shelf.
The door has a cut-out that fits over the key and lock.


The Core Series Lock and Keys

The keys for the Core Series have a black plastic casing.   They are universal for all Core Series Towers.

The lock on the Core Series has the lock built into the door. When the key is turned, the latch turns and hooks onto the shelf, keeping the door then locked.


NOTE:  Keys for Tower Series and Core Series are not interchangeable with each other.


What hasn’t changed?

All other features and options of our Core Series remain the same as the TowerPlus Series. 

• Core Towers are the same size as the TowerPlus series (fits all devices up to 14.8″)
• Core Towers are still wall-mountable, and compatible with Rollers and/or Just-A-Stands
• Core Towers are available in 8, 12, 16 and 20 shelf options with the option for

Custom Colors