The Power to Perform Safely.

Social distancing deployment without losing teaching time

100% Student Managed with a dedicated shelf for every student, they only touch the power cable when retrieving and returning their device during the school day. There is no need to touch the charging Tower. Add Antimicrobial powder coated paint* for an extra level of protection.

Versatility that matches today’s and tomorrow’s ever-changing device deployment needs.

All PowerGistics Towers are wall mountable, with options to transform into a stand or roller. Designed to seamlessly integrate and evolve as your deployment evolves. Mounting versatility ensures your district is always future-ready.

Savings that put Education First

PowerGistics allows classroom devices to become powerful educational tools with measurable results. Not only do teachers have more time to teach, hours of IT staff time is saved too. If the class is larger, placing two Towers on opposite sides of the room creates natural social distance and speeds up deployment time.

Proven Results

For your Classrooms

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*Antimicrobial agents kill or slow growth of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew. Antimicrobial coating available as an option with all Towers. ** Savings calculation based on accumulated time gained and used for productivity, rather than device deployment.

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