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PowerGistics proudly designs, engineers, and manufactures portable device charging and storage solutions in Columbus, Wisconsin. PowerGistics Towers are the space, time, and cost-saving vertical solution for charging, storing and securing mobile phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops, safely in one place.

100% student/employee managed

Found in thousands of classrooms, businesses, and healthcare institutions across the world, their modern and innovative design is 100% student or employee deployed.

Safest single-touch deployment design model on the market.

The individual trays reduce touching and cross contamination, and reduce repair and replacement costs, while saving hours of daily staff time. Dedicated shelves for each student or employee, minimizes the touches and provides a single-touch model for classroom teachers, IT staff and for employees in the workplace.

A safer way with antimicrobial coating and cleaning caddy

We’re obsessed with Safety that's why we offer an optional antimicrobial coating that Helps kill or slow the growth of microorganisms. Include our cleaning caddy that conveniently hooks onto the side of our vertical Towers and you will be doing everything you can to protect your students, employees and IT staff who use portable devices in the classroom, or in the business/healthcare environment.

Versatile mounting options and split deployment

Wall mount, stands, or rollers are designed specifically to evolve to your future deployment needs. You can also choose multiple towers to store and charge your devices, avoiding a bottleneck in one part of the classroom. With our towers, teachers can start teaching more quickly and there will be no pushing and shoving arguments.

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