Case Study • May 10, 2020

Scalable Solution with Custom Colours and a Small Footprint

Efficient use of space in the classrooms at Primary School in Watford, England

St John’s Church of England Primary School, Watford 

32 Clarendon Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD17 1JJ •

“At Church of St John’s, Diocese of St Alban’s, the children’s well- being and learning is at the heart of everything that we do. We are building a creative and highly effective team that continually strives for excellence and challenges children to achieve their next steps.” Mrs. Helen Langeveld

“We very much appreciate that the towers are on wheels which really suit us in our three story building. This enables more mobile approach to IT.” Helen Langeveld – Head teacher


  1. The primary goal was to provide a product that is easy for primary students to use, is durable, and has great organization features for devices with a small footprint.
  2. The school was investing in Chromebook devices for the children and needed a flexible, scalable solution to meet their growing and future needs.

The Product Solution

PowerGistics Towers met all of these criteria and additionally provided 3 mounting options.

The children have found them very accessible and easy to use, which equals less fuss and contributes to the positive learning environment. Although the price is higher than other units I was adamant that I needed them to fit in with our particular colour scheme and building design and your company was very flexible in creating a bespoke service. The whole user experience is simply better than any of our other charging units.”  Helen Langeveld – Head teacher

Switching to PowerGistics

“We were looking for a product that was child-friendly to use, didn’t have a massive footprint, and was also mobile.

PowerGistics ticked all the boxes and gave us our custom colours which was fantastic. It was great to find a product that could have custom colours to fit in to each of the different themes on each floor.” Mr. Alex Handley — ICT School Administrator

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