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Device Charging and Storage Solutions

PowerGistics is your solution for laptop, tablet, and mobile charging and convenient storage options. A G.D. Roberts company, we are a fifth-generation, family-owned business with a foundation in industrial design. We create simple products that solve complex problems.

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Tablet storage

We manufacture every component of our tablet storage solutions in Wisconsin, USA, so that we can guarantee the quality and support more than 50 American families. Our more than eight tablet storage towers can accommodate everything from eight 11-inch iPads and Chromebooks up to twenty 14-inch laptops, so you can choose just the right solution for your needs, whether you have a small office or media center, or a large classroom or library. All towers are made with military-grade aluminum. You won’t have to worry about any warping or potential damage from daily usage. We believe in our products’ durability so much that we offer a lifetime warranty on the hardware. We also have a three-year warranty on the powerstrip. The towers not only store your devices, but they make it easy to recharge, too. Each tower has one internal outlet per shelf. You can be sure that everything is secure because a steel door with a keyed locking system can help prevent theft. You can also easily see if there are any missing devices or ones that are not plugged in. If you need to save floor space, all tower options can be wall-mounted. The Desktop6Plus is similar to the towers and can store up to six 14-inch laptops.

Free-standing tower bases

If you aren’t able to wall-mount your tower or you would prefer a mobile solution, our free-standing tower bases are made for you. Three sizes of our Just-A-Stand tower base can convert any tower into a compact, vertical solution for tablet storage and charging. The unique, positive cable management’s no-tangle design secures the individual cords, saving you time, frustration, and headaches. Two roller cart options provide a convenient way to transport up to 16 devices when used with a tower. The front two wheels have full-radius capability, so the cart can be easily transported across the room or down the hall. Call us today at (844) 205-1217 with questions or to order.


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